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  • I saw this today on a skirmisher, funny thing was, the keg and his holstered sword/pistol was visible.
  • I had alt-tabbed. I know for sure I alt-tabbed, while loading the server (and alt-tabbed back into the game, when I was in the server). Maybe I alt-tabbed between rounds, I tend to do that sometimes, but I can't really recall if I did it in that ser…
  • I can confirm that the bug is still in the game, today I was on some server playing Arena, and this heavy knight was invisible. I thought he was a cheater at first, but I noticed that other players could see him (apparently), as they were hitting an…
  • Looks very good! An idea; Rocks sticking up in the lava unconnected to the normal pathways, merely for looks so you could fill out some of the large spaces of lava (well, not fill up, but fill it with something instead of just lava as far as the eye…
    in UnderWorld Comment by Woody July 2010
  • Doesn't the voice command index usually go away when you make a character say something? Sounds awesome
  • So that's just a standard for Source engine? (I really wouldn't know) Bugger.
  • Lovely map m8, played it with you earlier today actually One thing is bugging me though, you seem to fall through the floor when you die a lot. No biggie though Fun map too.