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  • this is the best server in pvkII ever!! New and cool custom maps and best of all the sounds!!=D KEEEEEEELHAUL!!!!!
  • QUOTE (LordTrilobite @ Jul 30 2010, 05:17 PM) » It's obvious that if archers rule the map, you should limit their abilities, by placing cover and limiting their backwards movement (twisting walkways). peeeerrrfect
    in UnderWorld Comment by KegMan July 2010
  • okay i think that he already knows that the achers is a problem as 99% of the posts are like "This map is faggotish because achers got a free look around" so now try to give something constructive instead of just "achers are fucktards" you could s…
    in UnderWorld Comment by KegMan July 2010
  • Idea:Nice Design:Okay but could use a little more variation Layout: Some few places to work on as youre already doing I like this map and the hell/lava theme and im looking forward to see more of your hopefully upcomming maps=D
    in UnderWorld Comment by KegMan July 2010
  • Haiii im a little japanese boy(no racsm thoughts) and i love playing as viking =D can i join ??
  • I would rather preffer to see some high quality first person animations. Maybe 2 characters fighting each other in 2 different views. One from the sight in 3rd person while the other is shown from the eyes of one of the fighting characters. In this …
  • QUOTE (THEEEMANOFWAR @ Jul 24 2010, 06:56 PM) » I'm guessing he's a small japanese boy who likes hentai., by looking at the avatar. offtopic me like! nah you might need some practice if you wanna join the team.. i dont know much about animatin…
  • QUOTE (-Davy Jones- @ Jul 9 2010, 10:01 PM) » They are good but I do prefer the old ones, could it be possible to have an option were you can choose between the voices you can use? (Original + New) agreed i would preffer the old captain voice b…
  • QUOTE (ZombieSquirrel @ Apr 5 2010, 08:02 PM) » If that dosen't work, make sure to align the whole script in position with the other ones (TF2 etc.). I'm not sure if that has to be done, but when I did it it worked, and as J-co said; Missing a dire…