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  • Thanks for the feedback. I'll make some adjustments.
    in lts_Void Comment by Finlord April 2016
  • It's been awhile since I worked this map and I accidentally removed it. I had to compile it again so I hope there is not missing anything. There might be some minor fixes. te_Void_b2 http://www.paste.fi/file/14596983718312
    in lts_Void Comment by Finlord April 2016
  • Steam should download missing files when you go to pvkii -> properties -> local data -> verify cache
  • Sounds like unupdated graphics card thing.
  • That's weird. I'll try to figure it out. Did it have any error message?
  • Beta 2 released. Download link: http://www.paste.fi/file/14504676328140 Changelog: - Added some ambient music - Added cubemaps - Added HDR - Added light_glows to portals - Added crystals - Added two buildings to the skybox (more coming) - …
  • Any idea what causes this? https://gyazo.com/f16fdf91786673f9699be966ed3f3a9f Only happens when HDR is enabled.
  • I don't know when I have time to finish this map but it should be playable already. Here is the first territory version. te_void_b1 Download link: http://www.paste.fi/file/14500288498115
  • Played couple of rounds and I have to say this is great update! Sharpshooter really needed this. New HUD is cool but it would be cooler if it was resizable.
  • Z(Rus) wrote: - Where can I view all particle which are used in pvk2? I'm not sure if there is easier way but this is how I browse particles. 1. Extract particles from pvkii_dir in pvkii folder using GCFScape 2. Lauch pvk with tool…
  • El Negro wrote: Check this out; http://steamcommunit...s/?id=540318653 This problem, it's user-related, right? I told them it's because of them not adding the "materials" folder in the right location, but I actually am not too sure myself. …
    in lts_Void Comment by Finlord October 2015
  • El Negro wrote: I'm gonna try this at 19:00 (European Time, specifically Spain) in "The Sunken Server of Test'Udo" server, gameplay wise. Yer all welcome to join, motherlovers! (Don't expect very good pings) Oh and it's today at 23 indeed. …
    in lts_Void Comment by Finlord October 2015
  • Combine™ wrote: The map feels like a territory gamemode to me, the spawns are in 1 spot and the teleporter takes the player to the middle where the tree is. I'd like you to make the tree the territory but try find ways where 1 team can't reach t…
    in lts_Void Comment by Finlord October 2015
  • Here is the test version I promised. http://www.paste.fi/file/14455215908014 There is no cubemaps and no HDR lighting yet. There is only one teleport but you get the idea how they work. Now is the good time to test it and give me feedback because a…
    in lts_Void Comment by Finlord October 2015
  • Combine™ wrote: Looking beautiful! but the last gyazo picture is way to dark though. Thanks. I thought that small dark cave would be cool but I could add light there. El Negro wrote: I think this is already obvious, but it woul…
    in lts_Void Comment by Finlord October 2015
  • Isn't MAA special only one that can be blocked with shield? At Least it feels that fart doesn't much damage through shield. Shield bashing is easy way to keep your distance with MAA.
  • Developers that don't listen what people want from the mod aren't very good devs. People that actually plays their mod. You do understand those things are suggestions?
  • bonerific wrote: what the hell are you talking about, 123 is one of the most well-liked members of the community Good one.
  • Possiblex wrote: Well I've had worse. The guy used freeze on me, burnt me and used other commands to help him kill me. Surprisingly, the guy wasnt pikka. Though I don't want to give the name. I have seen that happening more than once. …
  • Jumping is part of this mod and you dont have to play it if you dont like it. Just because other mods have slower jumping system doesn't mean that pvk should have it too.
  • You must be trolling or you haven't played pvk more than couple of rounds.
  • What's the point of living when you die eventually? Everything is temporary and I don't mind that. I like competitions when everyone is trying to do their bests.
  • Great job once again. Colonel wrote: Reverted to old shield bash (stuns again when not fully charged) Best thing in this update.
  • Most of the populated EU servers are ranked. Not much of a choice.
  • Gaz wrote: Looking much better! One thing I would recommend, the tiling (repitition) on the lava is really obvious. Scale it up a little, and then rotate it by 30 degrees, should hide it a lot more Thanks. I´ll try that.
    in UnderWorld Comment by Finlord May 2015
  • Still working on it. Missing one texture there. Don´t mind that. These structures are about 90% ready. old http://i.gyazo.com/1...34f53a903df.jpg b5 http://i.gyazo.com/f...0bed02ca9f2.jpg -- old http://gyazo.com/89d...06d0d148a96f0ed B5 http:…
    in UnderWorld Comment by Finlord May 2015
  • I agree with the hood but otherwise she looks fine to me.
  • I think SS is balanced but not very useful except for defending/support. Allowing him to move slowly while reloading his gun, like captains moves when reloading special or even slower would make him more usable and does not affect balance much. I do…
  • Sure kid. And I know what I have and have not done. There have been few people that have used my name. I think Digital killer is still using.