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  • Looks and sounds very cool. Keep up the good work! How large is the zeppelin?
  • Update: I'm actually going to be rather busy on friday and saturday, so I don't think those days would work out. If we want to do it this weekend I think I can do sunday.
  • Yeah I'd love to play against you guys again. Haven't played you since 1.0. I can't do it on the C3 server though because I am banned by steambans (why they won't tell me) and your server uses steambans. However, there are far more server options no…
  • Haha nice.
  • I'm pretty sure that we would be up for a match this weekend. Me and Para are so desperate for some fighting that we would make it happen somehow! No worries about a busy school, life, and project... I have those too! I was actually hoping more f…
  • looks fun. I like the idea of a transport bringing in the two teams so that all the vikings land and leave at once. Then there will be large battles rather than skirmishes as waves of opponents attack. I also can't wait to play against some AI
  • That all sounds great! I just hope it isn't an april fools prank! Keep up the great work guys and thanks for the update.
  • Ok, well I think I speak for all of my team when I say that we would love to have another team match asap.
  • So any updates on what is going on with the league? As far as i can see we still only have one match recorded!
  • Oh ok. That makes sense. In our first match we switched teams, but I think it was still only first to 20 overall (originally, 30 later). So is the team switching mirroring the last match (for example knight v Viking, then viking v Knight) or will t…
  • nice to see this in a new post so that it isn't so cluttered . Is it first to 20 kills again now? In our game we upped it to 30 kills because 20 seemed to quick
  • Is S2 playing in the actual matches? I had always interpretted it to be that the team that wins the league takes on S2 . PS: Poor Fear having to wake up early . What a dedicated man. Thank you for keeping the league alive!
  • You sure you want to make it objective based Fear? In a 3v3 match objectives seem kind of arbitrary to me.
  • Is mic spam even an offense now that we can mute players?
  • Well Paraswarm and I are U.S. based. Darewinder is Canada though I believe. Obviously i've responded to that post too late though . Besides the Paraswarm team probably shouldn't be in the second matchup since we are one of the two teams who have alr…
  • Ok so as an update for those interested, I've exchanged messages with one of the higher ups and he found that my ban was marked from 2005. He suggests that perhaps the official servers had recently installed steam bans, and that is why i hadn't been…
    in Ban Appeal Comment by Ferg February 2008
  • So what are we going to do about this league Fear? I haven't seen Iris in quite some time and there has only been one battle as of yet. We need to get this thing rolling again
  • Hehe Fear I certainly hope you can keep it alive! I'm already a part of the league group. We were the team that won the first match, but there hasn't been another since. Can't wait to play again
    in IPP Comment by Ferg February 2008
  • I see what you mean, but this hasn't bothered me much. I've generally been able to figure out the attack type based on the berserker's movement. It is frustrating when they are in their berserk state, but meh... they should be frustrating at that po…
  • Ok I will certainly try that. I can't seem to find a means of emailing them, and an ban protest form i submit will never be processed since it is a year late. I'll try posting on one of their forums, but it will likely be deleted as they do not allo…
    in Ban Appeal Comment by Ferg February 2008
  • I just went through steambans again, and this time they recognized my steam ID as a banned ID. However, they will not allow me to protest the ban as they say that the ban was made 'over a year ago.' This is obviously not true, since the server stats…
    in Ban Appeal Comment by Ferg February 2008
  • I was directed to go to steambans, and I did. When I went there and appealed my ban, as I previously mentioned, it came back that I was not banned through them. That is why I am here.
    in Ban Appeal Comment by Ferg February 2008
  • Well I'd be happy to play you. Me ParaSwarm and Darewinder have been trying to play people in the unofficial league, but it seems to be dead.
    in IPP Comment by Ferg February 2008
  • probably a week ago at the most.
    in Ban Appeal Comment by Ferg February 2008
  • Oh and if what you mean is when was the last time i've successfully played I'm afraid I don't know. Sorry.
    in Ban Appeal Comment by Ferg February 2008
  • I tried last night and was banned at that point. I just tried again and am still banned. Still don't know why I am banned in the first place. (edited because I was able to get on an official server for a moment, but then it said I was banned again…
    in Ban Appeal Comment by Ferg February 2008
  • Yeah I read that post, but I gave all of the information that I know already. 1)STEAM_0:0:1429961 2)Ferg 3)I don't know the time of ban because I was not in the server. I tried to join a pvk II official server last night at about 9:30 and found th…
    in Ban Appeal Comment by Ferg February 2008
  • Ok I updated my driver and that eliminated the blackness. My archer model is still weird, but I can live with that. The black screen was more game breaking. Die stealthy archers!
  • http://img229.imageshack.us/my.php?image=p...land0005of5.jpg Does that link work? I don't know much about computers so i'm not sure how to find out my system specs. It is quite likely that I need to update something since I just reformated my hard…
  • I was banned from the server too. Its a shame for me because it is the server with the best ping for me. I was surprised I was banned because I have always played that server and he never had any problem with me killing him before. I also thought I …