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  • im nor sure what ure trying to say but all i know is that sourcemod commands begin with sm. ex. sm_votemap
  • perm ban STEAM_0:1:15272852 for team blocking + racism/discrimination
  • hmm sounds annoying ill take a look at it tomorrow
  • perfectly agree with you accept for the part where you still insist its not allowed everywhere. I can show you a motd where aimbots are allowed in css, is that enough? just go to non vac servers for css and you will some servers which allow cheats a…
  • There really is nothing to argue here, your argument is very general and vague. as i said before, everyone defines cheaters differently. That is because everyone defines rules differently. A cheater is someone who breaks the rules in order to gain a…
  • Maybe its allowed in that server. The server owner might perceive the exploit as "part of the game". Exploiting is a cheat only if it is against the rules. We ban people on the basis of rules not cheats.
  • This forum only monitors PVK2 Official servers. You need to contact the server owner or their site for ban requests. Check the servers motd for contact info
  • QUOTE (Amerika @ Feb 10 2008, 06:10 PM) » I have gotten a lot of complaints from people who feel that the maps on the servers switch too fast, and then once it gets to Arena, it is on that map for 30 minutes or so. I think instead of the maps wher…
    in Maps Comment by DELETED February 2008
  • yup xbow exploit but its not in the offical servers. hostname: Swedish Vikings #1 All Maps version : 3264 secure udp/ip : this section is only for the pvk official servers
  • im part of paraswarm, iris fixed his post and the fixture should be fixed as well
  • QUOTE (Zen Metheus @ Feb 23 2008, 07:04 PM) » Technical issues: My downstream varies between 8-17Mb/s depending on the time of day so that should be fine. However my upstream varies from 512Mb/s to 2Mb/s so at first I'll only have a 6 person server…
  • you need to make a short cut. go to google. type source dedicated server guide. Open like the firse link that comes out ots from hl2planet. Read, get enlightened!!
  • QUOTE (RxDrThndr @ Feb 20 2008, 12:45 AM) » Make up your mind. my mind has been updated
  • I don think its an exploit. In the b2 trailer blade did pretty much the same thing. I think it is "supposed" to be like that. I saw Hipskovski go 100 ft above ground with pirate lunge. I think its not exploit but thats just me.