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Land Lubber!


  • That was a genuinely wonderful read, thank you for sharing it with us.
  • "Child, you hold the veapon completely wrong!"
  • Castle looks nice. Well done!
    in bt_laburnum Comment by Momo June 2017
  • Combine™ wrote: More food pick ups? Bread (small) Turkey leg (medium) Ham (large) Sounds like a great idea for a workshop addon instead!
  • Combine™ wrote: An Indicator or timer on food,armour and ammo to let players know when it will respawn again. Rather than just waiting and expecting it to come up any second. That would actually be a really nice feature, definitely wan…
  • The tw_temple credits one.
  • HDR seems a bit too strong, you might want to tone it down a bit.
  • Popemaster wrote: I like the design! Seems a little dark, and doesn't fit the knights armor. It looks old and rusted like a shield he hasn't used in awhile. Maybe if you try to match the front textures closer to the look of his armor / the refer…
  • Gaz wrote: I'd try using an info_lighting somewhere more in the light, and getting the prop/model to reference it For some reason it didn't work the past 5 times I tried it, now it did. Thanks!
  • Any idea how to fix this? That's how it looks in Hammer. I'm compiling with HDR and -final -both -StaticPropPolys -TextureShadows -staticproplighting in VRAD.
  • I got it all fixed. Leaks are a thing of the past. I released my first map a few months ago and Niggarto helped me test it on his server. Now, after the break from mapping I took, I've once again started working with Hammer day and night. The secon…
    in Map Issues Comment by Momo January 2017
  • After a little testing i found a solution. Instead of using prop_static, as it clearly says in the model info, i used prop_dynamic_override, normal prop_dynamic doesn't work. Also, i still don't know what was wrong with my skybox.
    in Map Issues Comment by Momo July 2016
  • I learned not to carve the hard way, one time i accidentally carved something and the whole program started lagging horribly. I removed the skybox i had completely, and that fixed the water bug, though i do not know why. Can somebody explain? As f…
    in Map Issues Comment by Momo July 2016
  • I made the textures into NODRAW and even changed the water texture itself, but nothing worked. Is it a problem that the "container" for the water is made using the carve tool?
    in Map Issues Comment by Momo July 2016