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Dr. O · Minister of Roggen


Dr. O
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Minister of Roggen


  • Koryuumi wrote: This server has a soundlist like "rogan" or "wololo" 10/10 I go everytime for that. Good to see other servers using sounds from my server. That means they are good.
  • I'll post you my file, which is working. Just copy it and adjust the paths. "Configs" { "Games" { "pvkii" { "GameDir" "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\pirates, vikings and knights ii\pvkii" "Hammer" { "GameData0" "D:\Steam…
  • Nabhoy! I'm happy to annouce that my server The House of Dr. O is now online 24/7! This post is supposed to point out some fancy facts about the server. First of all, the map rotation includes Nabball, my recently released soccer map for pvk. …
  • lokkdokk wrote: give server ip Just go to server browser and find "The House of Dr. O".
  • Today's PRO nabball match live-commented by Sir Whiskeyngton (testing nabball version 3)
  • Update to version 2 Download - fixed serious bugs related to round end/draw - fixed round timer glitches - unlocked the ball for pre-round start fun - added new audience sound for round draw - added new nabball death notice texture - adde…
  • Pache94 wrote: I used a player_speedmod to change the speed for the vikings here is a video I was not able to find a way to change the speed of each class on sdk hammer only their teams The speed I used to get the zerk to be about the same …
  • How did you manage to modify the speed of classes? I'd love to do the same for my soccer map.
  • Nabhoy again! I took some moments and finished this map, finally decided to disable the pirates team. First of all, because the objective push mode would not allow me to do team rotations, and also because skirmishers would be op due to speed. So…
  • The House of Dr. O will also be up and running, feel free to join there as well.
  • Nice update, however it seems ot have broken server performance for locally hosted servers. I used to host a server for 21 people from behind a router, and it would run perfectly even when full. Now everybody is getting pings >130. Any changes in…
  • Dinah wrote: needs bhop bhop is sourcemod, I can add that on my server but the map itself won't have it
    in op_nabball Comment by Dr. O May 2015
  • I am working on an objective-push football map for pvk, with the help of fellow Nabs. I'll publish some more details soon. Because I want the map to be stand-alone and not exploitable I requested a few small coding things and wait for them to be …
  • Try this: Right click on pvk, then click properties. In the opened window go to the updates tab and check whether it says "Alyways keep this game up to date".
    in Update help? Comment by Dr. O April 2015
  • Crazytalk wrote: This is definitely something we should implement, however, I must caution that it needs to be implemented carefully. We need to limit the amount of score a player can earn over a certain period of time. This is necessary to p…
  • His name is Rogan if you ask me. Rogan?
  • Combine™ wrote: Your house better be clean, last time i came over you had to much beer bottles and dirty stuff on the floor.
  • Sphynx wrote: (Shh, don't call it 'football' in here! ) This looks like a lot of fun and it was actually something that came to my mind when I was thinking about the kicking mechanics. Is it possible to increase the kick's 'push' or even bin…
  • Hail Public Nabs! Since we now have kicking in the game, the Nab Squad is organizing and hosting a football tournament in pvk! I have taken this counter strike map and football model (http://css.gamebanana.com/maps/26201, http://forums.allied...d.p…
  • PM me for 1vs1 no rematches. Dr. O - the proest pvk player ever
  • Viking spawn work in progress!
    in te_cornmill Comment by Dr. O March 2015
  • Felis is love, Felis is life. http://a.pomf.se/gpvnay.mp3
  • This video is not available in Germany Nab country.
  • I need more high quality nabbing on my server with pro dj-ing.
  • Spirrwell wrote: If I leave the group from my server, that 40 changes to something like 20 or 8. It's been almost 2 months since I looked at it, so I'm forgetting, but that's how it works. All someone has to do is monitor the client_update comma…
  • With sourcemod you can check a player's steam group membership, but there is no way you can modify that info to your liking. Unless you hack steam and give wrong answers. Also, you cannot influence pvk code with sourcemod, the player tag is a pvk sp…
  • The default tags are hardcoded in the game, as well as their priority. There is no point in messing around with sourcemod in this case, this has to be done in the game code if you want a clean solution. For instance, there exist already these comman…
  • https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/277321062/nab/we are back_0001.mp3
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPd7kAy15kw
  • Thanks for the neat feedback, it already gave me some ideas on what to improve and how. I'll be taking my time with making this though, since I'm also busy with other stuff, but stay tuned for a corny pvk experience