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Dark Auk


Dark Auk
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  • I don't think I encountered this problem back in November, but I did two days ago. Does anyone know what causes it?
  • Custom parrots? Me gusta. But that brings another one of life's unanswerable problems: which color to choose?
  • lol, I read that last tweet wrong and thought that you guys actually released the SS and MAA for a second. Silly me.
  • Yeah the Swashbuckler did sound fun, being more of a jack-of-all-trades class for the Pirates. Although I have noticed a pattern between the classes, in which the Pirates won't have a jack-of-all-trades, the Vikings won't have a stealth class, and t…
  • Gestirs. They annoy me soooo much. There is almost no way I have found to counter them with any existing classes.
  • I'll be very happy with any new classes they decide to do next, but my favorite upcoming ones are probably the Freebooter, Seio-Kona, and Assassin.
  • And when these guys are done, they'll be working on the two stealth classes and the Viking's ranged class! Sweet.
  • QUOTE (Aleihr @ Dec 18 2011, 03:07 PM) » If it did, then everybody who would die this easily -despite the skill required to accurately hit them- would create an entire orchestra of OP crying. And yes this is a flintlock rifle, not a freaking M-1 Ga…
  • My only concern is that it seemed like it wasn't getting one-shot kills, even on already damaged targets.
  • That was a really well-done preview for a really good looking class. I also like how the rifle gives off a smoke trail, too.
  • QUOTE (R-Phoenix @ Dec 14 2011, 03:50 PM) » Another zombie topic. Ah, this explains my sudden suspension. I saw someone on the active members list readin' this topic, and decided to post before checking the last post date. Sorry about that. Real…
  • Real men have seen the movies Top Gun and Die Hard, and wear Old Spice.
  • For those still confused about Relic, it sounds like the Assault gamemode from the Halo series. As for a survival gamemode, how about some undead? All three living factions must work together (no team balance required) to slay thier undead counterp…
  • I really like the desings, particularly the first guy with the dreads, but I still think the Buccaneer on the wiki is the best one.
  • I can't code or anything, but I do have an idea. Instead of balancing all of the classes, you change classes along with the weapons themselves. For instance, a Man-At-Arms with a crossbow would be different than an Archer with a crossbow. Here's wh…