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  • As someone who was on the team for 3 months because of PeePeeWilson, whilst others wished me off from the start, I'm able to provide insight and I will be purely objective despite bitter history. My insight from being on the team. During my ti…
  • ZinuX wrote: No the fixes wouldn't be fixed in 2 weeks, we have to ship the version to Valve. Who then in turn go through the update and decide whenever they want to release it. If you would've watched the streams you would know about the proble…
    in ETA? Comment by fredman555 May 2012
  • Paladin wrote: This thread is similar to the one fredman posted - I assume you just took a screenshot a few mins ago and you created this thread at 8.57am ET in the US = People going to school/work etc and in my time zone, people are still at …
  • KOKORONOKAWARI wrote: Because if we did then there'd be complaints about bugs or imbalances etc (OMG why did you release and not fix stuff) There will always be bugs and balance complaints after a release of a game, thus is the circle of…
    in ETA? Comment by fredman555 May 2012
  • maydur iz rite. inturnutz iz srz biz. frud iz saw-ee DisgustedPlace0o wrote: button + press really fast = ear rape And i quote: "nay naynaynayayyaUHGUBV#80h(B@( (NF{P#4567T&r^FV(i^rPBG986GL(6FG9OB(P0AHahahahaha"
  • In all seriousness id try to verify the cache, as suggested before. Also, did you restart your computer after you uninstalled it? If not, do the following steps. uninstall-> Restart-> use Ccleaner to clear out temp-files and fix up your r…
  • poop, i was at work
  • good call from the devs to have that as an option. no doubt it would be a real fps killer on lower end machines
  • ven he vas a boy he vanted a pony!!
  • Judge me, i DARE you
  • Admiral and I were playing last night on Island, and while he was chilling on the try not harming anyone, a silly viking poked him and sent him flying. The result was a nifty/fun place one could stand. http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/5586877419…
  • i agree. I dont see why not, server chat is nice so exeryone can help each other or to just talk, but sometimes having to type out a message to your team is just too much
  • the achievement should be "Back to the kitchen (with ye)!" with chauvinist
  • Gnober wrote: I'm afraid I don't have any influence, not yet at least then i hope you get some inspiration soon! i was referring to the game, but maybe if someone drew some awesome concept art the devs might turn their heads a bit . …
  • great map and wonderful updates. I however frown and shake my head at the knight sword. time for that would have been better spent elsewhere and i hope that dildo sword will not be in the final release
  • for future reference, tab>click>mute quicker, easier and you wont "accidentally hit the disconnect button" or some other folly like that. The only REAL solution would be to increase the player base. More people, more servers, more custo…
  • I hope theres an arab pirate. Arab pirates were bad-ass
  • Fortunately for me, the manual block and attack is what really drew me to this game and i probably wouldnt have kept playing it if there was an auto block fuction. i remember the huge outcry of autoblock being implemented when it was first releas…
  • Mayday wrote: Screenshot taken Mar 22, 2012 @ 10:50am It's also only of your history which is just three USA-based servers. Oh my god, i feel so stupid
  • ah so the dry spell has begun, just as the elders foretold. Hark, the prophesies foretell of salvation! the glorious PVK gods shall grant thy land an abundance of updates to rain from the sky, blowing life and nurture into the world we know as PVK.
  • i just think its hilarious how the AoC people started and are almost done with an alpha build for their new game, in the same time weve been waiting for 2 class updates
  • Dudazery wrote: I mean this is exactly the problem, no matter how skilled you are, you can take half of someones hp or more with not much effort Its not about knowing if someone has a special. Ive been playing for years now and I know the tri…
  • youve been holding out on us Chewy? Get this man a test, stat!
  • Captain: will run away to reload blunder buss. Position yourself for a hasty escape or in a place where the player can miss Skirmisher: They will dance around in circles without blocking or charging their weapon. would stop moving for a quick secon…
  • and i thought you did something fancy.
  • Heiðrik Kong wrote: fridgeing windows 7 5 minutes of adjusting a couple registry entries resulted in this difference: what did you mess with in particular?
  • everyone has such nice cameras. Im embarrsed to take a picture
  • Crazytalk wrote: This is great! We love any exposure we can get. I just wish I lived in Israel so I could see the broadcast. That being said, id love to hear/see the broadcast. If not with english subtitles, a transcript or something …
  • QUOTE (Lego @ Oct 22 2011, 07:24 PM) » I found a Arena Glitch with the small stone between Viks spawn and knight spawn. I also made a demo for you. This works with other range weapons too http://www.mediafire.com/?n7h90fvbasvkjbn im on my kin …