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  • Wait maybe it was this I was referring to in the first place? http://www.itchstudios.com/psg/tuts/process.jpg All his tutorials are great.
    in Viking Art Comment by pleasef June 2009
  • TIP: don't click those "You might just be the winner" ads.
    in Darkland Comment by pleasef May 2009
  • If you want feedback on your art then this is absolutely not the right place. Conceptart.org for you.
  • No no no, those are screenshots with photoshop filters applied to them. They do not look nice and are not your work. I like the model though.
  • I - have to - go Jeg - m
  • As I said so ridicolously clearly, I'M TALKING ABOUT VISUALS aggggh as in not gameplay fools
    in Vote Here! Comment by pleasef April 2009
  • Everyone did a great job! I can see that some of you've been working really hard. However, I frankly don't think any of the maps deserve to be an official map, at least from a visual perspective. pvk_foundation is close, but it still has weird light…
    in Vote Here! Comment by pleasef April 2009
  • QUOTE (J-co @ Apr 14 2009, 11:29 AM) » Paladin, that is irony for sure. Maybe as a gamemode when everything is finished? Horse racing?
  • The gestir model looks amazing! I was worried you wouldn't manage to keep the different vikings unique, but you surely did! This house looked a little rushed when I first saw pictures of it, and seeing it closer it still does. Nitpicking!
  • looks good, try practising on not relying so much on props and create cooler stuff with brushes.
  • Hoping you will stay a minority.
  • Looks good. Oh, and in that 2nd screen you have a floor texture on the wrong place!
  • So you still working on this?
    in pvk_cart Comment by pleasef April 2009
  • pvk_riverboat pvk_odyssey
  • Why don't you people show us in-game screens?!
  • QUOTE (Rock'N Roll Jesus @ Mar 29 2009, 03:29 AM) » I think the pirate flag should be its traditional black color. This. Let's face it: PVKII is not a game for team colored maps etc. like TF2. The difference will be the THEME. I think giving the …
  • Wow!Thanks for at least trying to do something with the terrible bottleneck to the vikings base. More medieval village architecture! But isn't the new house exit massive?
  • Yeah we'll leave it. The castle looks cool!
    in 3d stuff Comment by pleasef March 2009
  • QUOTE (mrmong @ Mar 8 2009, 03:50 PM) » your not supposed to "model" stuff in hammer its too blocky and fiddly to make anything half decent, so i just opened max and made it in no time. its also a lot cheaper to render than a bunch of visleafs int…
    in 3d stuff Comment by pleasef March 2009
  • QUOTE (Z!nuX @ Mar 22 2009, 05:32 PM) » Well i'm trying to get the compiling working but i've got a problem with it. I get this error: Windows reported the error: 'The system cannot find the file specified.' I searched on the internet for solutions…
    in te_Condor Comment by pleasef March 2009
  • QUOTE (Harlief @ Mar 20 2009, 10:34 AM) » I'd just quickly like to add to things to do with pvk_valhalla on a rainy day is to make the rooftops in the outside areas jump-on-able. Yes, this. I'd also make it more obvious where the map is sealed of…
  • Just a question: Where can I find screenshots of the PVK maps? It seems like either the internet wasn't invented yet or someones hunting them down like a Lain Coubert.
  • Yeah, slkightly reduce the amount of props and add more beams/cool brushwork.
    in pvk_pub Comment by pleasef March 2009
  • A search wouldn't help him as the download is inactive. At least it was last time I tried.
  • You must enable "snap to grid" (shift-w to turn on and off).
    in te_Condor Comment by pleasef March 2009
  • Could we please see an ingame shot?
    in te_Condor Comment by pleasef March 2009
  • It's cool, but the HDR is killing me.
  • QUOTE (wILLI wONKA @ Mar 15 2009, 08:35 PM) » Google, the search button. Yarr. Anyways, I tried to find it too. No luck. Whattttttt does this even mean "lol use google Cause it won't give you any results"
  • Great improvements! Could you also remove some of the older screenshots, it's a pain loading the page
    in pvk_pub Comment by pleasef March 2009