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  • Bagas wrote: Pvkii should have a ranking/lvl system like medieval chivalry warfare. Just to see which players are more experienced then others, its a good way to see which team to join so it wont be stacked... Stats and matchmaking …
  • LODs very important for performance. At least it was 10 years ago when geforce 880's were all the range and AMD was competitive. Fun fact- choosing a lower model quality in graphics settings will use those higher LODs. There is is also a separate…
  • What's the server command? I don't recall ever 2-shotting people from full health with the HK, but I guess the weird armor system might come into play.
  • How about you display which mode you are joining either in the loading screen or the MOTD screen? And a brief description, not too wordy- something simple like ... You are entering a CASUAL server. Have fun! You are entering a COMPETITIVE server…
  • Can we put tags in the server browser? I know TF2 had/has something like that where the server rules like party mode are displayed in one of the columns. You would easily be able to identify it before even joining the server. Double damage sounds…
  • Really liking the rulesets Would making a "hardcore" set with double damage be possible?
  • 10x is too much, but I think doubling the damage would put it in a good place. Right now, it takes too many shots to kill people.
  • Just upgraded to a 1070 from my old 560. I can play things on high now!