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  • That's what it's supposed to do. With the smoothing group, now everything is shaded as if there were no hard edges. That is why there are those black smooth shadows now. The problem with the middle of the "hips" is the way it's modelled, particular…
  • This one still has all his teeth.
  • "I am Murray, The Mighty Demonic Skull! Muahaha!"
  • QUOTE (Eisiger Biskuit @ Feb 27 2007, 05:11 AM) » I can't see it! The picture was probably an attachment in the old forums.
    in Blunderbuss Comment by Schaf March 2007
  • Hey someone found my church props. Looks like a very good start to me. - The small window props look a bit out of place except for the tower. Maybe you should try replacing them by the ones that have been used for pvk_fort. - The broken wall and ro…
  • Hey there... remember Kintaro? I worked with you on Mist. I think it all started with this. Btw. I still have all those mod files (including the maps).
  • He wasn't insulting anybody. He was only talking to me and I didn't feel very insulted as you can imagine. He was just using a "bad language" expression talking the same way he does in normal day life. Then, surprisingly enough for both of us, he g…
  • Damn! We were on TV and I missed it. Can't wait for the video. If you want me to, I'll translate it.
  • If I remember correctly you have to do all the admin commands with an "rcon" before them after you've entered the password, for example instead of "sv_gravity 600" it would be "rcon sv_gravity 600". Maybe that's the point?
  • QUOTE (jihad696) lol you are the admin too, that kicks everyone, if they suck things like "this map sucks" ? rofl, everytime i see people kicked on these two servers, if they say something with "suck". admin must be a little kid? Yeah that kid j…
  • Don't forget to open that plastic clip or you might break something... should become a lot easier to pull your old card out then.
    in pruned Comment by Schaf December 2006
  • Did anyone else notice the US Navy was sponsoring those mod of the year awards? But maybe I'm the only one who thinks their slogan "Accelerate Your Life" is kind of ironical...