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PVKII Team, Beta Tester


  • DM would be IMO more interesting if the objective was to collect X amount of kills as a team instead of waiting for the time limit. As for Gravedanger, I feel like the map is quite small for any other gamemode than lts and also the crypts don't wor…
  • Strange. How doesn't it work ? If I press it I get this view. You just have to sign in to listen to the list. Follow and you can then add your own songs.
  • OK, I decided to bump this thread again. More people might use Spotify now or we might have new community. The current state of the song list isn't that petty. 39 songs and 2h 26 min of pirates, vikings and knights madness. Some songs are really …
  • Yeah gotta love the occasional green parts. Will we see some of the blue Nile too?
  • Every single server is full now
  • damn. It's really weird to see custom mappers starting to use textures I've intended for my next official map which is still in beta. Anyways, looks mighty fine. Hope it won't steal all the glory from my upcoming map, ha!
  • I like the tone of the beard! He suddenly started to look very much like Rollo from the Viking series. Also it makes sense to me that his cloak is dark like that too. However his shirt and pants should be brither imo so that he would fit better with…
  • This video is from times before youtube. I remember seeing it over 10 years ago when I was still a kid and I really liked it I can't understand why it has so few views. Would be fun to know if some of you think of this as a classic too. https:/…