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  • Awesome job Cap1!
  • There is actually a HL2 Mod that lets you walk on walls/ceilings by changing your gravity orientation: Ballmen, but it's unfortunately dead and its sourcecode is lost.
  • You could try using the Cordon tool in hammer, to see wether the shadow appears even when you cut off the rest of the map. ..if nothing works, you could just call the map pvk_crazy_light (replacing the prefix with the appropiate gamemode)
    in Crazy Light Comment by worst August 2011
  • You can still spawn vultures with a combination of a npc template and a npc_template_maker. First you make a npc_vulture entity (Its not in the list of entities, but you can make a npc_crow or something, and then rename it to npc_vulture.). It will…
  • Awesome news Though I hope the soft collisions will not allow for example 4 players to stand in the same spot, and have like 1 player crouching holding a shield, another standing holding a shield, another holding a melee weapon, and the last one h…
  • that was a typo, I meant booty* though I dont know if one could carry a chest while driving..
  • This is really fun and awesome you should make some other pvkii driving maps too like maybe booty tag?
  • ..so I ended up updating my first map, making a bit bigger version of it: (still not too huge though, at most a medium sized map perhaps) Download however I've run into a really weird bug which causes the client to crash, that I cant figure ou…
  • cant miss that
  • nice work! downloading now
  • neat looking architecture there maybe add some stalls or something to the empty looking area in the 4th shot next to the canal?
  • Half-Life 2 comes with Orangebox, while it might not be 100% necessary to have it for mapping, I suggest you to make sure you've got it installed, for the sake of testing.. After that make sure Source SDK base, and Source SDK are installed properly …
  • QUOTE (DuckSauce @ Jan 23 2008, 09:20 PM) » you should improve it and dont abandon it like some others abandon their first map^^ I'll ofcourse fix all significant bugs that are found.. but its kinda hard to improve the balance of the map when I …