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  • You can upload to an image hosting site and then post the
  • Hey, it's 2008. There's nothing wrong with a man having a few boyfriends. We've gotten past that stage.
  • The BBcode quick buttons have been broken on this forum for ages... The only buttons that work are the quote and code buttons, everything else has to be typed in manually. Unless it's in the quick access panel, which seems relatively functional.
  • Well, I suppose it is nostalgic... That means the thread's topic is still valid.
  • Thread is old
  • I believe that's what he meant. As in, various scripted events that loop to create the impression of a war going on in the skybox.
  • I'd completely forgotten about this thread... Hang on, let me try something. Okay, from what I can tell, the spammed failure is "http://forums.pvkii.com/style_images/pv". Or at least that's all that shows up in the drop-down list. Don't know whe…
  • Silly thing to think about at a time like this, but the standard PVKII scoreboard has | deaths | kills | ping |. That would still be an impressive score, but in a different way.
  • QUOTE (Rapid-Fire @ Jul 6 2008, 10:47 AM) » Imagine that. EV3's pancake brigade vs the Hospitallers? Would go something like this. '' Forge goes in for the kill! OH AND THE PANCAKE SUICIDES! Oh the horror, wait nevermind folks the others have rejo…
  • If you use the drop-down list on the back button, you'll see spammed entries for some failed attempt at loading an image. When you just use the back button (or the backspace key shortcut), you'll attempt to "load" one of those failures, which just …
  • It's a bug, it's well known, and it has apparently been fixed for the next version. Thank you for pointing it out, but search the bug forums next time (particularly the big "list all bugs here" thread) before making a report.
  • As in,"why not make a PVKII RPG instead of a D&D RPG?" The answer is popular culture. People know WC3 and D&D, and so they'll be interested in seeing some other game modded to be like them. Logic's got nothin' to do with it.
  • Now, how exactly will this have an effect on gameplay? Last time I tried a Warcraft server, it was essentially just the same shooting as a standard CSS game. What changes are actually being made to the game?
  • Well, I think I know what he's talking about. There's a French pop singer named "Alizee", with a rather devoted fanbase. Next time you see him, insult him in French.
  • Yes, that would be the best course of action. And that Special Olympics quote has been around since ancient times, but it still holds true. However, I came across one that was relatively recent (well, in comparison) that talked about how the int…
  • I am going to commit a forum sin and not look anywhere to see if what I am about to post has already been noted down. * When selecting a team, there's a typo on the Viking description. "Nothern lands" instead of "Northern lands". * The crossbow …
  • Did this a long time ago for a contest for best paint image done in under twenty seconds. It was from back when a knight could comfortably sit in a corner and ignore the rest of the world by putting his shield up. I finished with time to spare.
  • Okay, now that was a pointless insult. He-Man, that's really not gonna help your case.
  • Threatening to ban someone has never and will never indicate that someone is actually an administrator. To assume that every player who claims authority or power is an admin would be ridiculous and highly counterproductive. He begins his post show…
  • I highly recommend you show some sort of log, if you have any, of the flaming he shot at you in-game. Because you were the first one to insult someone in this thread, and most people agree with He-Man that the move is indeed "ok".
  • Three cheers for our totalitarian oppressors!
  • Well, counters are a little hard to block under normal circumstances, but there are ways. For instance, if it's just a simple kitchen counter, you can get away with extending your arms in front of you and putting one foot behind you to balance. Th…
  • Whoah... Okay, bear in mind that I have very little knowledge of what all's going on with the blocking, counterattacking and so forth, because I haven't been following the forums for the past four months and haven't even played 2.0 yet. But, eve…
  • Good lookin' stuff, what's the poly count? I hated the AI controlled snipers in BF1942... Damn buggers were unstoppable.
  • I really haven't been paying attention. There are those who don't feel like saying something, and those that just don't feel like making another security weakpoint to mention something. As for how important a message has to be, that really depend…
  • There's a clan in Fistful of Frags called "C³". They use the name "Couple o' Three". It might be "Couple o' Threes", but I don't remember. I've been playing Oblivion.
  • Yeah, I see that a lot. Some asswipe and his yes-men come onto a server and start votekicking/banning at will. These people really shouldn't be in any kind of public or semi-public situation, they should be at the bottom of whatever outhouse they …
  • Technically, it also has to be a poem about nature. Otherwise it's not true Haiku.
  • Pardon his native language. If you know what I mean.