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  • QUOTE (Venatir @ Feb 29 2008, 11:31 PM) » Map: Any Bug: Sometimes knights 2handed swords attack just stop. When you are charging an attack, then suddenly he just stops. The swing is just canceled without reason. Happends pretty often. yes plz fix…
  • QUOTE (reesesaholic @ Mar 1 2008, 05:56 AM) » Now, I have been mapping with source for about 2 months so I'm "ok" at that if it matters... But I am not here for that. I have been into acting for about 10 years and I was wondering if you needed any …
  • nice change to forgotten, Knight's base needed that change! and yeah, players need an incentive to hold the booty chest, cuz no body ever bothers. Now they get rewarded for doing so in 2.1 which is great. I may now try to win the objective now inste…
  • QUOTE (George @ Feb 23 2008, 09:05 PM) » He's not forcing you to believe anything. He's just stating his opinion. and so was I. which means the post he made was redundant.
  • QUOTE (DuckSauce @ Feb 23 2008, 02:02 PM) » hmm I say you all have no vision! it isn't always about the quality of the work or how much work got into it it's about the idea of it and I say it's a creative idea, it's simple but it's a fun idea that …
  • Nice idea but u just slapped some pink text onto it. Maybe (if u can that is) remodel the chest to a box full of porno DVDs or something then it may be worth while.
  • QUOTE (Sir Valemarr- @ Feb 17 2008, 11:34 PM) » WIntroducing the Standard Issue Teutonic Knight. Nothing special about this one except for its teutonic tabard. New skin for shield also included (If anyone knows how to edit the phong/bumpmap to remo…
  • it's amazing how after all this time of closed beta testing bugs are still being found within hours of the release. time to recruit some more testers I'd say!
  • oh, I have everything mute to begin with, I ment ppl who type crap while in-game.
  • ok, but how tolerate are the admins when it comes to trash talkers? i.e. ppl who moan and complain and insult, scrubs. merlin described it perfeclty, asshat free servers is what im looking for.
  • played on primefarm #1. went well, and no lag, but still, some noob called me an asshole for no reason =\ why must these ppl infect this mod? chilly are u fine with these kinds of jerks joining the server?
  • i think i remember primefarm back in 1.1 and dont remember seeing an admin. but if its regularly admined as u say then that's helpful
  • i would seed for u guys, but man's gotta own some fools in-game " border="0" alt="laugh.gif" />
  • Already at 45% woot torrent ftw. I'll be the FIRST to finnish!
  • QUOTE (Sir Valemarr- @ Feb 7 2008, 12:25 AM) » Which makes the Al'might Bob! Welcome back veterans thank you. I'm back!
  • kick ass, about damn time too!
  • QUOTE (Daveman @ Jan 24 2008, 06:29 PM) » But like I've said, the game is being reworked so much with the new combat system and new classes that to release it anytime before we're ready would be releasing a completely broken game. We don't expect …
  • QUOTE (bangingbear @ Jan 22 2008, 10:24 PM) » iris i love you you are the best !!! and to the others i hope the mighty harry potter will ensorcell you all hihihi lay off the drugs
    in Teamplay.DE Comment by Spar January 2008
  • yeah this server's pretty bad. there was this 1 noob earlier who was constantly text spamming, oh and going under the floor in desert run too. he sucks. dont nobody admin that crappy server? it makes pvk look like shyte. if all server's were like te…
    in Teamplay.DE Comment by Spar January 2008
  • they need 2 hurry up and release this -ISH! i believe i speak for everyone when I say that
  • u need to BUY half life 2. u can buy it online thru steam, so d/l steam (which is free) then purchase the game thru steam. u can download HL2 and install it. after that u need to install Source SDK Base (just google for help) then install PVK2 mod.
  • i managed to recolour the player models and they work, but the colour doesnt update while in first person view of my own model (the hand part) the colour only updates for other player models?
  • yo I love this idea of the berserk/buster sword sword for the Knights in this game. if someone can hook me up with a tutorial which teaches users the basics to create skins and stuff I'll try and make one.
  • this 300 pack dont look to bad. Say, does anybody know if theres a tutorial on the net somewhere which teaches you how to model (or edit/re colour skins and weapon skins for HL2 mods?) cuz I think I'd like to make a few.
  • lol, them sneaky pirates are trying to take over!! but seriously, I think i heard someone saying installing this game will secretly put spyware on your system, the devs want more than our game time O_O