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  • Real men hide behind their computers posting about how real men kill stuff. Real men kill by playing multiplayer games.
  • That looks excelent. Is it meant to look so evil?
  • Wow - Very nice! I cant wait to see it playable!
  • Yeah, its dead. My friend deleted the file.
  • Alas, i cannot continue this map. I had the map pretty much finished, just needed to test, remove bugs, add the game mode, and then i'd be more or less finished. Though this has become impossible. Thismorning, Steam stopped working, i looked for …
  • QUOTE (Terreur Noir @ Jul 30 2007, 05:24 PM) » And Pauven is in my clan !!!!! lol Sorry Pauven I did it !! lol !! Damn! I dont know this man! I deny any knowledge of his existence! But seriously, i've been watching while he created this map, …
    in My first map Comment by Pauven July 2007
  • I played for about an hour. Someone came, i killed them, they went away.
    in Pvk is great Comment by Pauven July 2007
  • QUOTE (Greyfox @ Jul 27 2007, 10:36 PM) » or you have hell of alot that can be optimised. This is the main reason. I have done NOTHING towards this. I have a LOT of time (~15 hours a day) dedicated to gaming (Making the map counts as gaming, as …
  • Yeah, i forgot, i need to do that after, but good news is that i have a _LOT_ of time to work on it. Got the Knight spawns finished, same with the Viking spawns. All spawns are now complete. There is a lot to do as in eye candy, and making the map …
  • QUOTE (Schatzmeister @ Jul 25 2007, 10:55 PM) » That "schlooner" works not with prop_static. Use a prop_physics instead IIRC. Ahh great, that should fix it, thanks. (I'll compile soon, but it takes so damn long to compile at the moment, it may…