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  • Ugh, I was no longer banned after about an hour or so. I don't know if it was just timed that way or what since the ban doesn't say how long when you are banned. Forget to mention that yesterday.
  • Well, that issue I'm having right now is whether what I did or not is against the rules. I used the pirate lunge to get up to an area which is an area where anyone is supposed to be able to go. It is seen in the 2.0 Teaser video where a pirate uses …
  • QUOTE (Sir Valemarr- @ Feb 20 2008, 04:03 AM) » Are you sure? Cause i heard from the other admins you've already been warned. Maybe someone was disguised as you but i highly doubt that. . Well, I doubt that too, maybe I have been warned but eit…
  • I have never been warned, I have even had other admins help me in the past, although not recently. As well, I do not see any official rule against it, and what I was kicked for is not even an exploit as far as I know, seeing as its even shown in the…
  • I took a look at the video and its a similar idea. I did not use it to go somewhere where no one could go. Just up to the other part of the map.
  • The darklandservers.com guy is a guy who goes by the name of Code. I was a member of darklandservers.com until recently. I haven't looked at the demo or anything, but I don't think he would hack, although he is a dick, so its possible.
  • That doesn't account for why we don't get map votes, except for on arena though. I don't see them doing that on purpose. It was fine the way it was.
    in Maps Comment by Hipskovski February 2008
  • Well, from the looks of it, its not supposed to be doing what it is. If you check time left, there is always lots of time left when the round ends as well as there being no map votes on any maps except for Arena which is only because it lasts so lon…
    in Maps Comment by Hipskovski February 2008
  • I haven't had any issues with lag my self inside the official servers besides the occasional loss of connection about once a day, and a slight warp maybe once every couple of games. Hmm, seems very strange that only some people would experience this…