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  • amirraz125 wrote: Developers of this game are stubborn people. They just reject everything and do things their own way. It's hopeless to even recommend something to them, it will never be done, or even if considered You are talking about the…
  • Short summary. - The Devs still care about you guys and PVK. - Release cycles are indeed too long but with some people having Jobs + Families it is the way it has to be at times. (Even we get frustrated with how long it takes to get out an upda…
  • Yes Ninja-Orc, It's possible and has been done in the past with PVK II. It's being worked out now. Moving over to it will take some time just as it did moving to SDK Base 2007, possibly a little longer. There was quite a big gap of time from S…
  • You can still post crits and be a fan. It's all good! Constructive crit is even better/preferred.
  • Best video ever!
  • There's still QC files in use in the source engine. Here's further reading on them: https://developer.va...ory:QC_Commands Source has been around so long and has such a big community, there are tutorials for just about everything you could w…
  • That's the best video to sum things up Old Fox.
  • Now I have to learn this! Time to whip out the ol' acoustic. Good job.
  • Upgraded from 3.2 to 3.3. When a new theme is made users will be able to choose the default one if they wish. It's low priority at the moment though to make one. Sorry for no warning
  • Jizzler wrote: Yes AC is the shirley. By the way, that rug sverek, does not really look ESD safe. As mr. hellsten mentioned. edit. Nvm i see that you have antistatic bags underneath. atleast on the top pic. Most anti-static bag…
  • I've gotten to 4ghz stable on air with my q9450 2.66 ghz. I don't use it that way though, there's no big reason except if I wanted to fold or bench things. With all the shoddy cross ports and games coming out still using DX9, hardly anything full…
  • You have to take into account the 580 is a refresh of the 480 which is two years old. I'd wait to compare the HD7970 to the new flagship Nvidia card coming out in a couple months. I don't really see a need for a card like the HD7970 right now tho…
  • Enzo wrote: So, you weren't even able to change the forum name in the left corner on top? Wasn't a question of being "able to" change it. Was more after backing up the mysql database, the site and all user files and then upgrading the …