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  • I think you should make a blended texture for the lava, you got a really nasty looking Tileing going on there for the lava. I think I made one in my texture pack. if not theirs plenty of lava textures in that pack to play with. It looks very un-natu…
    in UnderWorld Comment by kow75 March 2015
  • Bump, Has any one used any of the custom content from this old map?
    in pvk_Overlord Comment by kow75 March 2015
  • the map was made in 2.0 so if pvk2 has updated then yes it will crash. but, im not worried about the map. I promised the custom content to pvk2 use so here it is. 86mbs of dark atmosphere Textures, models, hud, scripts, sprits
  • New link up in the mapping section of the forms. 86MBs of custom content for pvkii use only
  • bump, updated link for those who missed out on all the custom content.
  • Its not really for the map, the map is only 14mb the custom content is the rest and I gave the model rights to the pvk2 team. Im just not sure if they got it or not because the links keep getting deleated. Grr
    in pvk_Overlord Comment by kow75 March 2012
  • Its file size is so massive Its hard to find a host that will leave it up. 1 gig in custom content.
  • Dose any one know of a hosting site that dosent have a file size restriction? fps banna cant handle the size of this map, and the other sites like file planet keep deleating this map file. I need roughly 1 gig of space for this maps content. Yes …
    in pvk_Overlord Comment by kow75 March 2012
  • giving up so easyly, lol I use xsi and still use xsi. I used it in overlord and iv used it to make models for Orian. If you need help with xsi pm/im me here.
  • Well for the 2009 mapping competition, we where told the winner would be an official map. So with that understanding every one made there maps with custom materials and such. Only a few like me made there maps completely custom. Those where the to…
    in pvk_Overlord Comment by kow75 March 2011
  • did you install all the custom stuff? if not then that is why you are seeing all the errors and pink checkers. the contents of each folder name go, maps go in maps folder models in models materials in materials scripts in scripts. and so on Just…
    in pvk_Overlord Comment by kow75 March 2011
  • Im giving permission to pvkii team and mappers to use these in PVKII Only! These where made for a map in pvkii so im only allowing reuse in pvkii.
  • Author: kow75 or NubNutz tw/dm_overlord LINK UP () Both versions of the map are in the same download and all the custom content.
  • In that case just use for props = prop_phys_respawnable for brush based objects = parent func_brakeable to func_physbox
  • QUOTE (Skirmisher @ Mar 8 2011, 10:06 PM) » Yeah, I think there's a few things in PVKII with that already. There's those 3 small boxes near the Pirate's gate entrance to the Knight's base in Island, those can be moved and are smashable as well. I …
  • Take ether a func_brakeable or a func_physbox_multiplayer and use the Parent veriable. Place the name of ether of the following entitys in the parrent variable. A func_door for (side to side movement.) A func_rotator for (moving in a circule) Or …
  • why so i can win again? lol theres already pleanty of maps. the problem is most ppl wont down load a map. they just look at the preaty pictures and share there vote. Without a prize no one will actully try. and the team has enough to do. Unless t…
  • Bump first post updated, Map ready for download. map size 14.3mb custom content 55mb Tottal file size 86.4mb
    in pvk_Overlord Comment by kow75 March 2011
  • okay then what all do is release both versions of the map. tw_ and dm_ Which ever versions more popular will be the set mode for the map. and blood refurs to the completly custom mini map version it is now. I have a larger non-custom te_overlo…
    in pvk_Overlord Comment by kow75 March 2011
  • As iv said before the map is done, It just needs an objective mode that is balanced and fun. Then updated to the latest build of pvk2. And then fix any new bugs I may run into. Other then that im actully playing with the map now. Debugging this ran…
    in pvk_Overlord Comment by kow75 March 2011
  • Has any one actully been waiting for the finnal build of this map. lol when it was objective push it had a hud for each objective. maybe the 1 hud in tw will make the map fun and playable. Heres where all the old screen shots for this project wh…
    in pvk_Overlord Comment by kow75 March 2011
  • I never left Just was to busy with the orion source mod to work on overlord. And lets face it the first build was confusing yet none the other game modes at the time worked with the layout. I literly was sitting on the finnal version of the map. I t…
    in pvk_Overlord Comment by kow75 March 2011
  • bump Is there any one still interested in overlord becoming tw_
    in pvk_Overlord Comment by kow75 March 2011
  • i should make a map pack of all the unfinished maps i made over the years, lol. Starting with the river project, lol. Looks at LordTrilobite Remember that map. All that work and couldn't complete it. Had to many displacements, and a lot of other…
  • In general the maps architecture reminds me of the old 1.6 maps. Also a lot of your map details are to symmetrical. When simulating old things its better and more realistic to make such things more random.