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  • Two things: Walking is apparently disabled. I'm intrigued by the reasoning for this, surely the capacity to walk is rather insignificant to go to the efforts to remove, though it comes in handy when you, well, want to move somewhere slightly slower…
  • "Steamworks will allow us to release the mod directly through Steam, including future updates which you can download automatically." Yay! "Although there's no release date planned..." Nay... "We've already got over a hundred achievements planned…
  • QUOTE(Murray @ Sep 28 2008, 07:00 PM) » Awesome work, though you forgot to change the knight's flag (not the hud one). Darn it.... Ok, that should be fixed. The correct flag should now be in the package.
  • I didn't take it as such. I'm going to release this after the release of beta 2.2, just so I can make sure everything works with the new update. Hopefully, it will all be done in a week's time.
  • I certainly thought about it, but given how long its taken to do these two models, it won't be for quite a while. I just want these done now, I'm fed up of them sitting on my hard drive, there's really not much more I can do.
  • Not much news, I've been busy with other bits. I've been tweaking the vest somewhat, I've done the shoulders and am trying to simply make it look more like the reference material now.
  • Okay, here's how we're doing with the archer. I know its not the 13th anymore, but I've had other things going on that delayed this. Anyway, I've started trying the vest onto the model (which you wouldn't have seen if I had posted on the 13th), and …
  • Just a heads up. I've not been working on this for a while, mainly because I've had a new computer and am sorting it out, and in two days I get my exam results, so I won't get back to it for a little while. In an ideal world, expect something to com…
  • Well, the normal maps are essential to this, as otherwise it looks flat and boring. The normal maps contribute substantially to its appearance in-game. Anyway, I've been working on the rest of the armour, and have modified a few other bits. As far …
  • I've been working on the helmet, and I'm quite pleased with the results. I was using a reference photo of one of the helmets to produce the markings, and they've been normal mapped so they appear fully 3d in-game. You can also make out a slightly ed…
  • QUOTE (Phobos @ Mar 3 2008, 05:39 PM) » .. I assume the changing flag on the pole of the tower in desertruin got edited, too? You assume correctly. The only flag I missed was the team select one, and that's because I don't understand how animate…
  • I've updated the heavy knight skin, I decided it looked better with red metal around the visor. Images and download link in the first post have been updated. Right, now I'm going to finish these Hospitallers...
  • I used a program called CrazyBump for the normal maps, and Photobucket for the image hosting after cropping them in Paint Shop Pro.
  • Looking good! I'd say the white's a bit too bright, I'd recommend dirtying it a bit to remove an almost angelic effect. However, its very promising!
  • It works well in-game, it certainly looks the part. Good job.
  • A quick search of Knights Hospitaller uniforms tends to suggest that a grey shade may work better than that of a brown for the hood and gloves. I'd recommend giving it a try to see how well that turns out.
  • I've updated the first post with a shot of the other shield I said I'd do, with the simple red Knights Templar cross.