"Green" Berserker

RussianVikingRussianViking Yarr, See you in Valhalla, Sir!Members
All characters have something of the color of their team. All Pirates have something red. All Knights have something blue. And ALMOST all Vikings have something green. "ALMOST", because Berserker is dont even have something green. That's probably because Berserker is one of the first classes in game. So I think that Berserker also need something green, like green paint on his torso and/or face. Then, all Vikings will have something green. We need that for full symmetry. 

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  • RussianVikingRussianViking Yarr, See you in Valhalla, Sir! Members
    I don't mean that Berserker need to be fully green like hulk. I mean that he need just some small green drawings on his body, like small lines, points or from more complicated drawings on body- bear paw drawing or/and raven drawing. Most important- this drawings should be green.
    I like bread
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