When will they release Pirates Vikings and Knights 3?

I'm crazy to see a PVKIII with more current graphics, it would be awesome!


  • Whenever there be a new Half life I guess...this is a very hard question, because Valve doesn't make games anymore, so how can modders make modern looking mods? 
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    Archer should have been a pirate.
  • AGSMAAGSMA The Antichrist has Resurrected PVKII Team, Beta Tester
    PVKIII will happen right after Disasteroid 2: Disasterharder hits Google Play and the App Store.


  • PirateBanditPirateBandit Members
    edited October 2018
    Never hopefully. PVKII can be supported forever, i think the game has gone beyond a simple mod at this point
  • Ok. Two years later... Valve's Source 2 was recently launched. And now Half Life: Alyx. Can we expect a remake of PVKII or a successor?
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