Why do you hate Gestir so much?

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In these last updates he went from a good, balanced, fun to play class, to being just objectively worse with no redeeming factors.

The javelin damage was fine as it used to be, they feel underpowered now, ESPECIALLY considering they take more time and positioning to charge than any other ranged weapon in the game.

Shields got completely neutered too, I know the reach on them was ridiculous and it needed to be changed. But the stun was the only thing that made them useful. There is really no reason to use the seax/shield anymore over the spear.

The worst part is that 2 of Gestir's 3 weapons got straight downgrades, and now he's just flat out worse than he was. Was anyone really saying Gestir of all things was an OP class?


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    Hey, almost 20 days later ain't bad.

    But yeah, this was discussed on the Discord server a while ago. The Gestir nerf to the javelins was unintended. Before we released 4.0 we were testing potentially giving headshots to all ranged weapons, and a lot of balance values ended up tweaked such as the javelins.

    The javelin nerfs released were not in the changelog, they weren't intended to be released and they will be reverted when we release the next update. Which will be soon-ish. That will bring the Gestir javelin's maximum damage BACK to 142.5 (with headshots) as opposed to the current measly 95 damage.

    And there will be more tweaks to shields and whatnot that come down the pipeline later.



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    That's good to hear, thank you.
  • kala_captainkala_captain Land Lubber! Members
    Brandell said:
    Here nobody will hear your screams...
    you are putting gestir in a retirement home?
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