[HC] Blade Of Death Admin Abuse on [HC] Server

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We where playing on the HC server where blade of death has admin. The map was TW_Temple. He turned on Friendly Fire and purposefully attacked teamates jsut so he could get trinket. He completely ignored enemies, only focusing the trinket carrier so he coudl have it for himself. Eventually another [HC] Memeber joined the server, [HC] Jerem. I started asking Jerem who the server owner was, so i could report blade of death. However, before Jerem was able to answer me, Blade of death banned me from this server. I jsut wanted everyone to be aware of this behaviour, and im trying to get in contact with the server owner. This is not okay. If anyone knows the server owner of [HC], please direct them to this post. Thank You.


  • I know the feeling. That kid just banned me because I called him retarded troll when he kept attacking 24/7 of our losing team and I kept killing him wich he could not take. Few years back they also banned me from their arena server because I kept killing their server admin. The best thing to do is avoid their servers.
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    Well that's pretty pathetic. The thing is didn't even break any rules. Besides in the very beggining, when a (obviously) new player had our trinket, and he kept attacking him; i said "dude stop. Leave the guy alone you're veing a piece of shit.". Which techinically be considered harrasement, but i felt it was justified. After that i got the trinket and just ignored him. The match went on for another 20 minutes or, me just dodging his attacks and playing the gane normally. It was at that point Jerem joined, and thats when i asked jerem who the HC leader was. It was after i asked that he banned me. So clearly, he banned me to prevent me from reporting him, not because 20 minutes ago i called him out on HIM breaking the rules. And btw, the HC server owner is Gatts. Be sure to mention both your complaint and mine to him. Direct him here to this forum post.
  • I also tried to ask jerem who the server owner is and he did not give me any answer. But I think Gatts was at the server when they banned me so it will not help much to report him since he is clearly taking their clan leader side on this. I also saw them ban one before me because he disconnected before death so it really does not matter since at this rate their server is empty in a week.
  • Hello, im the owner of the HC, server.

    Thanks to grim i have the opportunity to answer to this post about Blade of Death, witch he is yes an admin with Root right to the server.

    I know blade for a least 2 year now and it is easy for me to tell you that he dosnt use his right on the server for nothing.
    In the opposite, we are constantly gathering member for clan witch he is also the Leader !

    So when im knowing that he could use command regardless of the person i dont realy trust it mostly when it come to regular player.

    Now for Grimlord=vasumati i presume he banned you for 10 minute, so the reason of this post is beyong my understanding.

    And Finlord, i did witness you on the server.
    Let me tell you there is a better way to talk in a public server mostly to the HC Leader on his server.
    Plus Blade was having fun with you regardless of the way you were talking to him and i said him on steam chat to ban you before i do it.

    Witch he did for 60 minute, with me it would be permanent so thanks him.

    I recommend you stop talking **** about him or the clan we are here to having fun and dont want to ban the small community of PVKII.

    Be pro
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    I am not going to ass lick some troll so make it permanent if that is going to be a problem for you. Being a hc member does not give him any privileges in my eyes. And yes there is better way to speak to people but not to trolls.
    Plus Blade was having fun with you regardless of the way you were talking to him
    So blade´s idea of fun is to keep attacking deliberately to wrong team? No wonder since he keeps doing that every time I see him.
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    Look, no need to start a flame war. My goal was just to make to make the server owner aware of the admin abuse by Blade. And that is what i have done. What gatss chooses to do with that information is entirely up to them. But after speaking gatss on steam, the impression i got is that blade basically gets to do whatever he wants, so i just recommend avoiding the server. Problem solved. We should probably just leave it at that before it gets out of control. Happy pvk-ing all
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