Freindly fire!

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Im going to be creating a new server soon, with freindly fire as the title suggest; however, i was curious if there was a way to reduce keg damage against freindlies?? It could be an issue because to prevent trolling i will be using a mod that kicks people after too many freindly kills.


  • SpirrwellSpirrwell That Guy Authorized Creator
    Friendly fire already has most of what you want built in. You can't explicitly set it to reduce keg damage, but by default all friendly fire damage is halved.

    There's a list of the different friendly fire settings you have. As you can see, mp_ff_damagescale is set to 0.5, so friendly fire damage is halved. You can increase or decrease this multiplier however you like.

    As you can also see, there's options for auto kicking\auto banning people based on friendly fire kills.



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  • VasumatiVasumati Queen of Backstabs Members
    wow excellent! thank you very much for the info :)
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