Heavy Knight balance suggestions.

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I want to start this off by saying that I do think PVKII is, in general, a very well balanced game. I'm not arguing for a complete overhaul of mechanics here. I think generally when you put people in matches, the higher skilled player almost always wins, regardless of player class. However, I think that if made a complete copy of that person, and had them face each other in class vs. class combat, one class would win far more often. Of course this is a simple inevitability of having different classes; they can't be directly equal or else there is no variety. PVK2 would hardly be fun if everyone had to play huscarl. Nevertheless, I think we should try to close the gap between classes as far as possible while still keeping what makes them unique and different to each other.

Knights are a weird team. Because whereas vikings + captain are all very well rounded, and able to handle any combat role, knights can't really do this. The HK really is a one-trick pony. He is tanky, and swings a big sword. Not much else can be said about him. He does this trick very well, I'll give you that... but its too easy for opponents to simply work around him. When you play HK you have to CONSTANTLY work to put distance between you and the enemy, you can't really be super aggressive with him. Its too easy to exploit. In fact, if the HK uses his primary, you can shield bash him forever and he will be permanently stun locked (provided you land every hit). In short, HK is too predictable and he really just can't do much.

I do think HK is a little under powered. Its only exasperated by the fact that he is the knights only real option for a high endurance front lines class, and he's forced to move in slow motion. My ideas for a better HK would be as follows:

  1. Make him move at least as fast as the huscarl.
  2. Make the twosword a little less damage per hit, increase the speed to where it is comparable to the huscarl's dane axe, and keep the reach the same. 
What do you guys think? Yay, nay?


  • PopemasterPopemaster Captain of the Seven Seas PVKII Team
    Definitely a tough call. I agree with your points where HK falls short, but I don't think I would like it to change. I like having the full-on-heavy-hitter playstyle, not something that is midrange and boring (hence why I don't like Huscarl). Sure it can be painful in certain situations, but makes you think more tactically. Definitely a high skill ceiling class.

    You can kind of get a taste of your proposed changes on CC esports servers. The side swings are faster and do less damage per hit, and you can bunnyhop. I'm not a huge fan to be honest, but maybe that's because I'm use to playing him a certain way. 
  • You really need to don't play only agaisnt noob
    HK is the best melee class, he is not underpowered, Knight are a specialized team, every class is very good in one fighting type. If you want play agressif : play MAA
    HK supported by archer is a nightmare, if you come close to kill archer HK counter you, if you fight HK archer shoot you easily

    "you can shield bash him forever and he will be permanently stun locked" HK have a shield too he can use same OP tactic. Longsword range is bigger than shield bash, you can break a shield without be hit

    If you want same caracteristic as Huscarl, just play Huscarl and not HK

  • SpirrwellSpirrwell That Guy Authorized Creator
    Actually the shield bash range is about the same as the HK's two handed sword.



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