Viking Spearman special problems

Hello there.

I just wanted to point out that the viking spearman's special is blockable and, quite frankly, rather useless if anyone is blocking.  The blocking even stops you from running forward anymore.

I find that when I am playing an intense game, I have to select a different class due to the spear special being blocked, as with things being so challenging, there is no room for a broken special.

Thank you.


  • SaunaChumSaunaChum PVKII Team
    Tested this and we couldn't block or parry the Gestir special in any way. Are you sure you didn't hit a wall or ground with the special because that will stop it. If not, do you have any more details to give?
    Production Manager
  • OK I made a mistake here and didn't notice that the ground and walls were a factor.  Sorry about that.
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