Healer Classes...

So the pirates could have the bartender, a medic that appears to be a bit under the influence... The vikings could get one of those sacrifice guys that would sacrifice stuff at their shrines back in the day. The knights could get a priest. Each side's medic would get a unique healing item.

Bartender--- A giant bottle of rum that when used on pirates would not only heal, but give them slight resistance. Not an armour boost, but slight resistance to make enemy damage a bit less effective.

The viking shrine sacrifice guy (Forgot the name, tell me if you know what they are called.)--- A bag of raw venison, it heals slower than the rum, but can give damage a small attack boost.

The priest--- A bandage that can heal the knight's fairly fast and bump their armor up a bit.

As for other weapons, I know the priest seem a bit OP, so what we could do is give him only one, lousy, ineffective side weapon, so he relies on his teammates, also maybe the bandage can heal in one big health regeneration, but then have a cooldown.
Just for the heck of it, let's have a vote if it's a good idea, so the devs can know if we want it.
  1. Yes, sounds good.0 votes
    1. NEINEINEINEINEIN!!!!!! (No)
    2. Seems like a good concept, but needs some tweaking and more polishing. We want it but polished.


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