Admin Problem

There is a guy called "Ades"he's an admin on CC servers....I was just chilling with my friend Delita....we were talking about our daily lives....and this  admin started focusing us just because he's mad all the time....first of all  delita is a good admin in my opinion he's respecting the server rules and makes the atmosphere better on servers...and this Admin "Ades" shows up and called him a "dog" because he can't handle his archer skills....I read the motd rules which says "the free speech is allowed"....ok I respect that....but Ades has no rights to be racist to a desiriable admin....after couple of mins me and Delita teammed up against this admin because we couldn't stand his aggressive behaviour....we kept killing Ades all the time....and at the end i've got a banned from Ades....I just want to say i didn't do anything wrong and i was just chilling with my friend Delita a good admin....Hope you Thufir the Owner of this game will do the right decision...Also Delita is a witness you can ask him...Thank you for your time reading my complaint!


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