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Hello everyone, I am here to apply as an Authorized Creator for PVKII. I have been in the community since 2012. Many people know me as that of the Russian, who behaves like a deranged child.

I am engaged in mapping, and have already breathed life into several maps. Basically I am engaged in porting old maps from the GoldSrc engine to the Source engine. from PVK1 to PVKII and CS 1.6 to CS:GO.

I ported pvk_highground (originally by Pete Beckius) and make a simple remake named as te_highground. also i made te_lostglory (Сurrently Unavailable. I still treasure the advice and assistance from Gaz.) now i'm working on porting bt_freeze (originally by Thief.)

With the permission of Bruce Campbell i'm imrove pvk_trium_a1 for latest pvkii version. Also made additions and fixes for pvk_desertarena by lillbrorsan.


So I would be happy to give you any help I can if you need it.
Thank you for attention.


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    Thank you for your interest and application for the Authorized Creator role. I am also grateful for your desire and action to increase content for the PVKII community on the workshop.

    However, we do not require an individual with your skill set at this time.

    I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and growth in mapping. Should you improve in mapping skill tremendously, we would be welcoming of another application to join the team. Please message me for any more feedback.

    Thank you,

    Co-Lead | Level Designer

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