Mesh attach from other character

xetrocoenxetrocoen Senior
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Today I experienced some strange mesh behavior and want to share with you, kudos.
My archer got helmet from man at arms :D *suppose it was the shy attempt of cosplay*


  • Combine™Combine™ PVKII Team, Authorized Creator
    edited 4:56AM
    I like calling this a bug, but a welcome bug atleast as it's rare to happen + it looks really good at times.
  • jerzchomikjerzchomik Senior
    edited April 2017
    Here's another strange thing.
    To do this I used parrot then parrot was killed and i was waiting for another with the hook. Dont know if only I see this.
    Ofc it's not from other charackter, there are just 2 parrots.
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