Music that goes well with PVK

White SnowWhite Snow Beta Tester, Applicant
Share any music that makes you think about PVK.

Here are some for me:




  • Combine™Combine™ PVKII Team, Authorized Creator
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    Jaldaboath- Hark The Herald.

    Best of all though would be the PVKII-Theme.
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    I highly recommend looking up anything from Richard Searles, his instrumental music fits any team in my book!

    And we can't forget "Drunken Lullabies" by Flogging Molly, which was featured in one of PVK's old trailers.
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  • BrandellBrandell Senior
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    I love Jaldaboath and Alestorm. I like to listen to the "Calling all heraldic beasts" and "Shipwrecked".
  • AGSMAAGSMA The Antichrist has Resurrected PVKII Team, Beta Tester
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    And not just because I used one of their music for the mod's latest trailer.


  • kala_captainkala_captain Land Lubber! Beta Tester
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    Palastinalied for when you're in the crusading spirit.

    Rokatanc la suite meurtriere, or most anything else by Vox Vulgaris is good too.\

    Arany Zoltan's entire youtube channel is gold for other medieval music.

    Cyberbird is really good for an intense game like pvkii as well.
  • KOKORONOKAWARIKOKORONOKAWARI Funny Little Japanese Drawing Person Senior
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    Probably have to lower volume (or in my case raise it XD).
    Has JoJo spoilers but the sound is all that matters without spoilers.
    Pretty much sums up me playing in custom.

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