Berserker's Classic Warhammer

White SnowWhite Snow Beta Tester, Applicant
edited November 2016 in Custom Models/Skins/Sounds

Good old pvk1 warhammer.

Original model can be found here:

This mod includes:
- View model
- World model
- Select icon
- Kill icon

Some pictures:

Download link:

How to install:
Place "Mod_Classic_Hammer.vpk" in "Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\pirates, vikings and knights ii\pvkii\custom"

Steam Workshop link:

Model, original Textures and Shaders: Lord Banewrath Sunblade
Edited Textures, Shaders, blood effects, pictures and cover image: El Negro
Rigging, compile and port: White Snow


  • BeroxardasBeroxardas Beta Tester, Senior
    edited 12:35PM
    YEAH! Time to crush heads! :icon_viking:
    I`m really sorry for my bad English. I`m not a native speaker.
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