Some questions

FinlordFinlord Senior
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1. I cant figure out why player doesnt take damage when it blocks func_tracktrain when elevetor is going up and they stand between the ceiling and the elevetor like this:

2. How to make echo effect for corridors and such?

3. Why there is no pinned thread for small mapping questions?


  • AGSMAAGSMA The Antichrist has Resurrected PVKII Team, Beta Tester
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    I never worked with soundscapes in much detail, but I know that making echos and such depends on the DSP script.

    The soundscapes article talks a bit about them in the custom soundscapes section.
    The only thing I can suggest in the func_tracktrain issue is to add a small trigger_hurt brush right at the edge of the ceiling, so that it catches players that block the elevator.


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