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I am a Computing student at university and I am going to (hopefully) graduate next year and I want to be able to get as much experience as I can in this industry so that I can find a job that I really want. I am passionate about games and I am very passionate about writing and combining the two, well, its fantastic for me!

I know you have never met me and you don't know anything about me, but I want to make the effort to get the experience that I need in order to get the job that I want when I graduate. I am not looking for paid work and I am just trying to make the effort to get the experience that I need. I am skilled in the following areas, I hope one of these areas may be of use to you:

Writing - I have a portfolio of my work available here:


Community Management - My resume is here, in the spoiler:

Community management -
I am Peter Gray, a university student studying computing, Security & Forensics. I am 22 years old and I am interested in applying to work on your website as a volunteer.
Admin Network - Moderator then Admin. The management were amazing here and this is where I learnt a lot about forum management. It taught me everything about running a forum. I enjoyed every minute of it. The forum died when I was a moderator and me and the founder set up Admin Junction. This was my big break. I worked with Mokeli and Taz. They were great and I loved working there. I worked there for about 2 years before it got sold. I really enjoyed this and I gained valuable experience in forum administration. I worked with Cpanel and got familiar with all of it's abilities and I can now use it easily. I am now also familiar with FTP clients and can use them easily too. I left when it was sold as it was going to be a whole new management and we could of either stayed on or looked for something else and after 2 years we thought that we would look for something else.
Uk-Gaming - Game reviewer and Moderator on the forums. It went bust so we moved to Gamerunited where I did the same. The forum failed (through no fault of my own as I was not in the management) so we moved to anothervideogameblog.com (active, I have worked for them for around 2 years using Wordpress)http://anothervideogameblog.com/
Administrator on a Flight Simulator forum, closed down due to the founders inactivity. I wanted to carry it on because it had loads of potential but the founder kept saying that he needed money so he sold it.
Administrator on Fudge Promotion, the staff were not really active so the members could not promote their forums so I quit. If the staff were selected better then I would be staff their now but the forum was not going anywhere at all.
I was a moderator on Admin Forums: http://www.adminforums.org/ I am friends with the owner after working with him on it.
I created Promotion Genius and sold it, I don't know what’s happened to it now as I let the new owner do what he wanted.
I created Game Giant which is now Patricks forum as he was my Administrator when it was a website, it is now a forum.
I was a forum reviewer on Phpbb Communities: http://phpbbcommunities.com/
My grammar is brilliant. I always focus on my grammar as I love the English language. I am Scottish, I was born in Dundee and moved to the UK with my family when I was a child.
I used to spend a lot of time helping out on the popular website "WikiHow", which is a wiki that anyone can edit but I worked behind the scenes, patrolling changes and I started up a mentor team for people who could become great editors but needed a bit of help. I got a team together and me and then mentored loads of people and it was a success. I sometimes go on WikiHow but if I get this position then I will not contribute as much for them as I will be working for you.
I am passionate about forums and wikis and websites. I am highly experienced in working online. With over 10 years of this, I have experience of every part of running a website. I know exactly what to do and I am fully dedicated to doing it well. I am free every day from 5PM until 11, if you need me until later then I am willing to stay online as I am free all night. Working on websites is what I love and I am good at it. After being community manager for Another Video Game Blog, that taught me so much which I will never forget.
I was also the Community Manager for Another Video Game Blog

I hope there is some way that I can join your team! I would love to become a writer or maybe community member for you?

Thanks very much for your time.


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    Hello Necabo,

    While this is an unusual application for a role without priority, we appreciate you taking time to submit it. Please add me on steam and we'll see how passionate you are about pvkii, and potential role in the future, however there is no guarantee.


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