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Hello! My name is Patrick and I am applying for one of your weapons/props 3D positions. When it comes to 3D I am a generalist, I consider myself better at hard surface meshes as opposed to organic, but i have had my fair share of both, and I can rig and animate in a pinch to boot.

As far as source implementation goes, I will admit I have no experience whatsoever. I am however willing to learn, and have experience with self teaching implementation for various other games and game engines. I am a somewhat notable name on the Nexusmods website, with over 3000 endorsements and tens of thousands of unique downloads thanks to some small, but popular mods I have created. The best of these is included in my portfolio. This doesn't include mods I've made for a few other games that don't include integrated mod support.

I am currently using Artstation as my online portfolio, here: https://www.artstati.../artist/gwyvern It's currently a little more sparse and dated than I would like, but that's part of the reason I am here.

My schedule is pretty unpredictable, but I am currently working as few hours at my dayjob as I can get away with, so that I can focus on things like this, leaving me plenty of time between projects to contribute to this.


  • ColonelColonel Finger Lickin' Good PVKII Team
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    'Ello Patrick!
    Thank you for your communication and application!
    As you know, you would be able to choose tasks that excite you the most. We would love to help you expand your portfolio, if you take on the following:
    Essential map props and alternate prop skins, new weapons or updating old weapon textures, as well as providing new customization items or textures for future STEAM Workshop implementation!

    I hope that you enjoy your time with us and help us continue to create our magical worlds and works of art!
    We are always welcoming talented 3D artists that stick. Artists that commit to learning and growth. Artists that have asset development in their blood. Artists that love to create like it's a cup of coffee in the morning. As an example, an artist that delivers over 10 assets to a PVKII Level Designer's world, and work with them to support each others portfolio development and help bring worlds to life! Then, once one map has been conquered, they're ready for the next big thing!

    We use steam as our primary means for teams communication. Let's keep in touch and discuss your applicant's challenge further. We give applicants a "first task" to judge their skills and how they can create content for the game.

    Please add me on steam if you havent at http://steamcommunity.com/id/kernontop/

    Here is your thread the Applicant's Progress Zone.

    Thank you,

    Co-Lead | Level Designer

  • El NegroEl Negro The Genuinely Only Sane Person Guests
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    Looking at your Portfolio and even Nexusmods mods, you seem to be fond of making Sci-Fi stuff, even for Skyrim.

    Personally this "scares" me a little as I don't really see much medieval/fantasy from it, I wouldn't be sure how good you'd be with medieval stuff, but I'm sure you can easily impress me and many other devs as well as players about it. (The creatures and non-human look great).

    I know a lot about Source Engine, so does jRocket, jRocket tends to be busy though, so if you want some help I can help you out, just add me on steam; http://steamcommunity.com/id/steamsucksdick/.

    But hey, be careful, I'm known as a highly controversial individual, even in PVKII sadly, so please don't mind my rantings and extreme offensiveness.
    I make mods.
    Your soul cannot be saved.
    Like my mods and think I deserve something? It's always money, you can pay me up on PayPal using this e-mail; TheSandhog@outlook.com
    Or just use this link; https://www.paypal.me/TheSandhog

  • GwyvernGwyvern Senior, Applicant
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    You raised a valid point, so check again, I dug through my stuff and found some more medieval projects, including one I just finished recently.

    You are correct though I do trend more toward Science Fiction, but worry not. Scifi isn't a theme of 3D, its a theme of theater.

    Also, thanks for the directions, I'm sure having someone who knows what he's talking about will help me get situated with the engine a lot faster!

    I can be pretty offensive too, but I save the mean side of me for people I don't like.
  • HurtculesHurtcules PVKII Team, Beta Tester
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    Welcome to source Gwyvern,

    If you use 3DS Max the easiest way to get your work into source is using wallworm, the sight is down right now for some reason so I'll just link the valve doc https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Wall_Worm_Model_Tools and the link will be in there hopefully the site comes back on soon. We don't have much of a guide for this yet and it can take some time to get set up properly, and requires your pvk folders to be set up as well, but once it is exporting only takes a second.

    If you use maya then we have a pipe line here that handles things manually https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OA6U7vmY7Pc18nK2nN3tQZTVdLDAoX6FjZIy11mTpmQ/edit

    If you use blender or other 3D packages than you'll need to do some research on valves docs to get an understanding of the pipeline from those specifically
    I've never used blender myself, but valves docs looks like theres a pretty good amount of info to help you out https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Blender_Source_Tools and I'm sure there are some other members on the team that uses blender and I know at least juicyfruit is one of them.

    Feel free to add me on steam as well steamcommunity.com/id/Hurtcules
  • GwyvernGwyvern Senior, Applicant
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    I use blender, but I also know how to use maya and use it for certain tasks, shouldn't be too hard to export a completed model to maya and use your pipeline from there.
  • AGSMAAGSMA The Antichrist has Resurrected PVKII Team, Beta Tester
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    The solution used by most 3D modelers I know is to make the mesh and the rig in Blender and animating and compile the QC in Maya. Source Tools for Blender are alright but they're very picky when compiling really complex models, like a weapon or a human model, and overall it's not very user-friendly. I don't use Maya very much so I can't say much about it.


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