bt_octogon_beta Map test tonight! 5/31/2016

We are testing my new map bt_octogon_beta tonight (PST) on the server HonsSRV. You can download the map here too.


  • Combine™Combine™ PVKII Team, Authorized Creator
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    Would be a better idea if you shared screenshots of your map and also talked about it here so it can make this threat useful and also very helpful.
  • lokkdokklokkdokk Senior
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    Played today on this map, tested it so to speak, to say that I liked the idea, it is necessary to work on the detail and other small trics.

    go make set timer to 9999.
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    Go here for screenshots.

    I appreciate the feedback. It was overall positive and I think we had fun. I'm going to set the timers to 240 and 400 for knights. I'm currently working on adding more detail as well. Maybe eventually I'll redo the entire map and make a more polished version as I'm getting better at using hammer.
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    Updated the map again.
    - Fixed timer
    - Fixed lighting
    - Added much more detail
    - Fixed some texture errors
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