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    Gaz wrote:
    I very recently became a dad and boy, babies take ALL your time :o

    Mary Poppins, where are you when we need you most?

    There is a small cosmetic error in Island, at the Knights' main gate (the one that leads to the booty of course), if you look at the edges, there's pretty much wood when there actually should be some (dark?) empty space for the gates to go through.
    Sorry, but I got no screenshots even though I wanted to make one.
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  • GazGaz Sir PVKII Team
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    Island fixes done, however I've not had the time to glitz up the Viking spawn room as yet :)
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    I've got a suggestion for bt_Island:

    I feel like the Vikings' spawn is too exposed, allowing Pirates to see when they spawn and shoot bullets and specials near/into their spawn while safely across from the Pirate's entrance to the Viking base (I know that some servers have spawn protection, but not every server does, and it can be frustrating when something like this happens. Also, random side note, sometimes when I spawn in the room I face a wall, which kind of throws me off).

    How about adding large one-way glass windows (or vines or banners or etc) in front of the Vikings' spawn exits, like the Pirate spawn in the territory version of Tortuga? That way, enemies won't see the Vikings heading out, making them less susceptible to spawn camping. I feel it's only fair since Vikings are the only team with a single "one-way-out" type of spawn.

    EDIT: Here's a visual example of a window variant (not my best image, but you get the idea. The glass could be a bit more distinctive too).
    Perhaps there could be open window shutters as well.
    [attachment=1441:bt_island0021 copy.jpg]
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  • GazGaz Sir PVKII Team
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    Wow what a bunch of a-holes in that video!

    I'll take a look at some solutions, perhaps an alternate exit to the building to the right of it that you can drop into or something.
    I'll fix that spawn looking at a wall issue although I'm pretty sure none face a wall, but I'll certainly double check.

    You're protected until you exit the building, but yeah, those a-holes in the vid can still camp too easy!

    Thanks :)
  • AGSMAAGSMA The Antichrist has Resurrected PVKII Team, Beta Tester
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    I have two suggestions to fix the spawncamping:
    -covering the original exit and make an opening that leads to the straw roof or culm;
    -covering the original exit, add an upper/ lower floor and make the exit there;

    The culm idea would be ideal because spawncamping at the drakkar is impossible. The downside is that the Vikings might get a slight advantage. The extra floor isn't the better solution because the building needs to be reworked, but it opens the opportunity of decorating the Vikings' base, like some people here suggest.


  • GazGaz Sir PVKII Team
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    What is a culm?
  • AGSMAAGSMA The Antichrist has Resurrected PVKII Team, Beta Tester
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    It's a straw roof oh wait, Google made a bad translation. Oops. But yeah, I was mentioning the straw rooftop. You'd remove the crates so that people won't jump over the entrance and there you have it.


  • GazGaz Sir PVKII Team
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