Sharpshooter Flintlock Needs More Bullets

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Currently he has 15 bullets as opposed to the archers 20 arrows. I am curious to why the difference? I am constantly running out of ammo and have to resort to using the dagger since the rifle has a 5 second reload time and I don't always have time to reload. Not exactly a good situation to be in since the dagger has the shortest range (correct me if I'm wrong.)

If comparing the SS to the archer the damage is roughly the same if not worse, since the SS cannot charge up the flintlock, the damage is always constant. The wiki says the flintlock does 45 damage but even this isn't the case most of the time taking armor into account. 90% of the time I only do 18 damage. Doing 18 damage + missing you run out of bullets real fast.

Sharpshooter needs more bullets!


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    I see your point, but bear in mind that the flintlock has much more aim accuracy than the bow, not to mention that the arrow takes its time to reach your target. In short, the flintlock compensates the lack of ammo with more successful shots.


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    I don't think the Sharpshooter needs more bullets, i mean the Beta Testers and the Developers spent alot of time just testing with the Sharpshooter and the decision to have him how he is now is for an understandable reason i bet so i don't feel anything should be changed when it comes to the Sharpshooter.
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    Yeah both good points. Thanks.
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    Alright, I shall now attempt to lay down a Sharpshooter strategy that takes the current ammunition count and damage values into consideration and rolls (ah ha ha ha) with them.

    Warning: Strategy Ahead
    As a Sharpshooter with 15 bullets clocking in at 45 (before armor reductions [40% of damage goes to health, 60% to armor]) and 5 rifle shots good for 100 (150 on headshot) each, one should grab the team's designated ammunition pick-up (one or two per base) as the Captains have spare ammunition already, and the Skirmishers can steal neutral and enemy ammunition pick-ups. From then on, one should always grab more ammunition whenever possible. Wasting bullets on shields and misses is up to one's self, but is generally a bad idea.

    (15 x 45 = 675, 100/150 x 5 = 500/750. This is quite a lot of damage, trust me. 7 pistol shots take down tanks. 6 knock down everything else except Archers (down and out after 4) and raging Berserkers (2 extra shots or 1 shot and 2 kicks).

    Thence, one should consider that Skirmishers will reach the enemy first, and if not immediately engage, then there will likely be a keg explosion (for massive damage, no less) at some point. Following this, Captains and parrots will appear on the scene.
    Given their quickness in both hand and foot, Skirmishers and Captains have the potential to make short work of most foes, but they falter against groups once their gunpowder is spent.

    Enter, the Spaniard.

    Assisting from a reasonable distance, and dealing some of the heaviest damage in the game at regular intervals, a Sharpshooter is capable of thinning out groups either by scattering them, bringing out their shields (and reducing their potential damage output) their outright elimination, or simply by weakening them to the point where the other Pirates can fight them blow-for-blow and come out on top.
    Failing that, the powderhorn grenade is a capable opener and easily charged.
    Blinding, damaging, and displacing enemies is always beneficial for any Pirate team.

    As enemies break away from their group to hunt you down, they leave themselves open to the tag-team tactics of Skirmishers and Captains, or simply to the catch-all sneaky backstabs and parrot strikes employed by Skirmishers and Captains everywhere, and that's after they finally pin you down.
    In such scenarios, one should either run for distance or apply pressure with the dagger. It IS possible, just not always simple.

    A note about the dagger. It has a very short range, true, but quick and unpredictable strikes. When employed, every moment not spent glued to one's opponent is one that could have drawn yet more blood.
    Given that the dagger has a particularly nice blood map, such wasted moments are a crying shame and wound me deeply.

    - Support the other Pirates, avoid trying to kill everybody by your lonesome.
    - Grab all of the ammo. There is plenty.
    - If you cause the enemy to employ defensive tactics, your teammates can exploit their newfound time and space.
    - If you antagonize enemies to the point where they rush you, they're open to attack from your teammates.
    - The dagger can be deadly, but requires skill and finesse to use.
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    you can't compare archer and sharshooter class

    Archer is far better than sharshooter with better aiming
    Archer arrow deal 80 : sharshooter shoot 45
    Archer have 20 ammo sharshooter 15
    Archer can collect his fail shoot, sharshooter can't
    Archer sword can block Sharshooter dagguer can't

    Sharshooter have only one advantage on the archer : bullet are faster

    Shatshooter is fine balanced for a ranger support class, archer is not ...

    trust me. 7 pistol shots take down tanks. 6 knock down everything else except Archers (down and out after 4) and raging Berserkers (2 extra shots or 1 shot and 2 kicks).

    Wrong 7 pistol shoot don't take down all tank, you need 8 for HK. With 15 ammo you can't kill 2 HK with 100% sucessfull shoot

    6 shoot for berzerk and MAA (4 for archer)
    7 shoot for Huscarl (160 armor + 130 HP = 290 / 45*7 = 315)
    8 shoot for Heavy knight (200 armor + 125 HP = 325 / 45*8 = 360)

    Archer with 4 arrow can kill every class 80*4 = 320
    archer can kill 5 player with 100% sucesfull shoot
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    I am not going to argue those points again.

    The Heavy Knight may possess 200 armor, but because 60% of incoming damage goes to armor while the remaining 40% hits health, only 150% of the stalwart knight's current health in armor is actually an asset. 1 hit point and 1000 armor are not the same as 1001 "survivability".

    Because 150% of 125 is 187.5, the Heavy Knight's effective HP is only 312.5, which just so happens to be less than (45 by 7) which equates to 315. In fact, 40% of 315 is 126. Exactly 1 greater than the Heavy Knight's maximum health (without the Grail).

    Counting direct hits with the powder horn grenade, it is possible to kill three Heavy Knights with no more than 15 bullets, and severely wound (regardless of his insistence to the contrary) a fourth. A couple of dagger slashes top off the fourth special and that's four Heavy Knights down without even picking up ammunition like a sensible pirate.
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