[POLL] Should PiratePerfection.com put the US servers back?

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As not many of you know, PP.com has removed the US servers. Reason? They kept being empty, but this is also because the Server Owner actually hardly got into the server during its active times, so if you think him removing it was unfair, I can understand it.

Now, since I'm not in America, I didn't care too much about this, but while I was playing in an European server, there were a lot of Americans. Besides, there appears not to be much US servers, only SBP.

If you guys want the PP.com US servers back, then what you should expect is a 24/7 Island server and an "official maps only" server. We have no plans to add custom maps.

And be wary that I want valid reasons, AT LEAST FOR THE "Nay"s. If you don't make one, I won't count it. Screw your democracy.
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