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Good day there, Lads and Gentleknights. As you might know, increasing once velocity before attacking an enemy raises the damage of once melee attack. But I always wondered how high that damage actually is or if it even has a cap to see if jumping down a cliff to attack somebody is worth it, so I conducted various test to find out. I attacked somebody while standing still, walking, falling and lastly while noclipping around at the speed of sound. The damage seemed to cap around at the velocity at which you receive fall damage, while simply walking already granted 50% or above (with the Skirmisher almost 100%!) of the additional damage.

Below I'm going to post my results if anyone is interested about the exact numbers. The numbers show how much damage I dealt while standing still up to the cap I reached at noclip speed. The attack used for every weapon was a fully charged backwards-thrusting attack (execpt for the Gestir with whom I used both the backwards and sideways attack). If the damage for other classes is also higher/lower on the backwards-thrusting move when compared to other swing directions, let me now. Every number got double checked, but feel free to correct me if you think I did something wrong.
Edit: Updated with uncharged attacks. Some mistakes fixed.

Cutlass full: 48 - 63
Cutlass un: 35 - 50

Big Cutlass full: 70 - 95
Big Cutlass un: 55 - 75

Fancy Dagger full: 43 - 50 (Edit: I just massively failed)
Fancy Dagger un: 30 - 40

2h- Axe full: 83 - 113
2h- Axe un: 60 - 70

Bigaxe full: 68 - 98
Bigaxe un: 50 - 60

Spear full: Backwards: 60 - 90
Sideways: 48 - 63
Spear un: Backwards: 45 - 65
Sideways: 35 - 50

Heavy Knight:
Zweihander full: 95 - 130
Zweihander un: 70 - 95

Short Sword full: 48 - 68
Short Sword un: 35 - 50

Halberd full: 75 - 100
Halberd un: 55 - 80

I didn't test every weapon. If you want to know the stats for those, let me know.

Edit: I decided to also test how high the damage dropoff from ranged weapons at close range is. The damage listed shows the damage done from hugging range to loooong range. The Test has been done with fully charged attacks.

Bow: 45 - 80
Crossbow: 45 - 97 (actually not 100, huh)
Headshot: 90 - 145

Crossbow:40 - 70
Headshot: 63 - 105 (Headshots with his crossbow only add 35 damage)

Javelin: 65 - 95
Headshot: 85 - 145

Throwing Axe: 33 - 60

Flintlock: 30 - 40

Edit2: Did some more testing on how much additional armor a class can use without getting any health. As a reminder, armor pickups give you 60 armor. The list goes from least use to most.
Edit³: Added health/armor = overall damage threshold for every class to make more sense of this.

Heavy Knight: 125/220 = 312,5
EAU = ~ -33

Huscarl: 130/170 = 300
EAU = 25

MAA: 105/130 = 235
EAU = ~28

Captain: 125/160 = 285
EAU = ~ 28

Gestir: 115/120 = 235
EAU = ~ 53

Skirmisher: 100/90 = 190
EAU = 60

Archer/SS: 100/80 = 180
EAU = 70

Berserker: 155/100 = 255
EAU = ~ 133

*EAU = Extra Armor Usage.


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    I always wanted to know how "useful" the momentum feature was, thanks a lot for this.

    It's such a subtle thing it's kind of hard to think about it and use it.
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  • MrMohoMrMoho Senior
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    Well, simply walking already adds quite a portion of the extra damage. Jumping down a ledge for additional momentum usually only grants between 5 and 15 more damage, depending on the class. If put in a situation where you can freeely choose to either jump down a ledge or just walk at your enemy, its probably the better option to stay on the ground to not run into the danger of missing your foe, especially as a Skirmisher.
  • MrMohoMrMoho Senior
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    Also, anyone feel free to use this Data for the Wiki. Everything got tripple checked by now, so I'm positiv that everything here is correct. Especially the Health/Armor rates, those are pretty outdated
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