What sort of gamemode maps do you wanna see more of?

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On the Butt Pirates Custom Server they have alot of maps with many gamemodes, but sometimes people wanna see more
of a certain gamemode as they love it, alot of people love Booty,Trinket Wars,Deathmatch,Last Team Standing out of those
4 what gamemodes do you want to see more of? and maybe say a map you want the gamemode to connect to for example

Lord of the Rings-Booty.

Castle- Last Team Standing, Sudden Death Dragons attacking the player and so on.


  • SphynxSphynx Senior
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    You start! :icon_evil:

  • jRocketjRocket Pixel Punisher PVKII Team
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    2 team "capture point" in a line where you have to get the previous point to capture the next one(like TF2). I guess the points would either be territory or objective push objectives.

    Also, a booty mode map in a classic three team circle/triangle layout(like island), but with a twist- you have to attack only the winning team because the path to the current losing team's base closes.
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    more deathmatch maps
  • Ukyo KuonjiUkyo Kuonji Captain Main Senior
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    Mango wrote:

    more deathmatch maps

    Skirmishers, Berserkers, and Archers III

    For me, Booty never gets old. More island-like maps is what I prefer, where all 3 bases are [somewhat] equal.

  • El NegroEl Negro The Genuinely Only Sane Person Guests
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    I was thinking of an LTS-style map, but not really being LTS. I guess that's the same as Deathmatch, but with some special twist in it, huh?

    Hell, maybe the same LTS, but with two zones; One for the death and one for the alive.

    I mean, this will be like Valhalla; Anybody that dies near a Viking temple will go to Valhalla and stay there until the round lasts, while constantly killing each other.
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