Heavy Knight Health/Armor distribution

MrMohoMrMoho Senior
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Hello there. bretheren. While finding out how high the damage threshold of the Man-at-Arms is, I discovered that the heatlh and armor of the Heavy Knight is distributed in a way that he can not take full advantage of his armor.

Basically, he has 125 health and (if this is still correct) 210 armor, although I always though he had 200. Either way, with 125 health he has a damage threshold of 312(.5) as long as his armor is above 187(.5). Since his armor is 210 or 200 there are either 12(.5) or 22(.5) points of armor that are useless to him unless het gets healed somehow.

Is this simply an oversight or is there an actual reason behind this? I can't think of any particular useful one other than having still some armor left or being able to stack more before getting some health either through a pickup, a territory or being near a trinket holder.

It just seems silly to me that his armor is above 60% of his damage threshold. Personally I'd give him 130 health and 195 armor. That way he would exactly have 40% health and 60% armor. Sure, he would get about 13 more point of overall survivability and picking up armor without getting any health would still be pointless (other than to deny an enemy it), but his health/armor distribution would be exact and my OCD might get some satisfaction.

Edit: After some more testing it appears that he actually has 220 armor, making the whole thing even odder.


  • Jolly RogerJolly Roger Senior
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    Well is supposed to be a medieval tank. I think it's intentional and an interesting mechanic. All the other classes depend more on armor pickups to survive than health and with the HK it's the other way around. He is not depended on armor pickups which fits his description which is being a bruiser because of his armor not the person inside it.
  • MrMohoMrMoho Senior
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    Well, the MAA appears to have a Health/Armor distribution of around 45% to 55%, so picking up armor with him without getting health seems to be not that dandy either.

    No matter, I'm perfectly fine with him being more dependand on health pickups, I just find it silly that he still has armor to spare when he dies.
  • El NegroEl Negro The Genuinely Only Sane Person Guests
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    You know what's crazy? How when he's on 0 armour, you have to pick up, if I remember right, exactly 4 (maybe 5) armour pieces for it to be at full.
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