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FinlordFinlord Senior
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I just got banned from hc arena server by some retarded admin because pikaa was mad at me? He cant beat me so he have to ban me. Or was it because Im rank 1?




He have been crying for several days how bad Im and how nobody likes me and etc. Seems like he couldn't face the truth that he is talking about himself. There are several witnesses since the server was almost full when he banned me.


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    The woes of playing on a ranked server.
  • FinlordFinlord Senior
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    Most of the populated EU servers are ranked. Not much of a choice.
  • JollyRogerJollyRoger Members, Senior
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    Ranked servers tend to have petty players preying on inexperienced ones, once someone of equal skill comes in they leave to protect their rank.

    Its like being a major league T-ball batter, of course your ranked high you never go up against good pitchers.
  • Trojan•CliniqueTrojan•Clinique Be precise. A lack of precision is dangerous. Senior
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    Never gave a toss about ranked servers, hope you are unbanned soon Mr Finlord!
  • PaladinPaladin Senior
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    What's the point of getting high rank on servers when is it usually reset? It's not like Dota2 MMR where top players are shown on leaderboards and it serves the purpose of pairing you with players with same skill level.
  • FinlordFinlord Senior
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    What's the point of living when you die eventually? Everything is temporary and I don't mind that. I like competitions when everyone is trying to do their bests.
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    The owners of ranked servers typically aren't there for competition. They want to pub stomp plebs, then stare at their name above everyone else on the rank list. I think owning a ranked server is a cheaper treatment for little man syndrome than therapy.
  • JerreJerre Senior
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    Ouch, very sad to hear that from you, Finlord. Banned for no reason? Well it might be because of your rank. You know, when people ban players based on skill levels. :/
    I don't are about ranked HLStatsX servers anymore. I used to check my rank by typing in the chat "rank" to see if i have increased. Mostly in CSS. xD

    Hopefuly the unban will come for you.
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  • PossiblexPossiblex Senior
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    Well I've had worse. The guy used freeze on me, burnt me and used other commands to help him kill me. Surprisingly, the guy wasnt pikka. Though I don't want to give the name.
  • FinlordFinlord Senior
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    Possiblex wrote:

    Well I've had worse. The guy used freeze on me, burnt me and used other commands to help him kill me. Surprisingly, the guy wasnt pikka. Though I don't want to give the name.

    I have seen that happening more than once. Hc clan only criterion seems to be IQ lower than 50.
  • El NegroEl Negro The Genuinely Only Sane Person Guests
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    Wow, and one HC member told me that they were cool guys.
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