[RELEASED!] PVKII 3.2 Update & Changelog

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Happy Update everyone!

PVKII Beta 3.2 is now available for download on Steam! We ran into a few delays like temporary loss of internet for some developers and must-fix exploits, but our 3.2 update is now ready for your enjoyment! The stars of this update are the many code fixes and significant visual updates to the PVKII Classic by Gaz, bt_island.

Remember, our Developer, Creator, and Contributor groups continue to evolve to help deliver you more content more frequently than ever before. We have many great things planned and in progress as we work hard towards a complete, well polished game. Please view our public trello boards to become more involved with development and share your voice with others in the community! Trello is a very handy visual tool we have been using more and more for our game. Note you will need a trello account to vote and that any information on the trello boards is subject to change. Feel free to vote on trello cards, and make suggestions for our mod!

Please see below for a Changelog that details many of the changes in this release. Head over to our Bug/Support Forums to report any issues.

Stay tuned as more news and a recap will be posted soon. Have fun!

PVKII 3.2 June Update Changelog

Code Fixes and Updates
Combat System Changes/ Fixes
  • Reverted to old shield bash (stuns again when not fully charged)
  • Fixed a bug that made MAA special debuffed players able to perfect parry under the effects
  • You can no longer special while stunned (cutlass, spear, twosword and huscarl shield)
  • Added ignore kick spawnflag to props/physbox
  • Added kicking and rolling context hints
  • Dying during rolling no longer throws off the orientation of the camera
  • Fixed view getting stuck if stunned while rolling diagonally
  • Fixed attack animations playing even when the player is stunned

Character Class Changes/ Fixes
  • MAA now has facial expressions
  • Added new options for MAA debuff effect
  • Fixed HK not able to move after special
  • Fixed Skirmisher's view getting locked rarely after special
  • Fixed crit sound
  • MAA fart no longer carries to end round screen
  • You can no longer reload SS pistol while rolling
  • Fixed not being able to attack with spear after using the special
  • Fixed a missing special voice line for Archer
  • Fixed MAA special sound playing while dead
  • Fixed players coughing blood while smelling fart
  • Fixed body spazzing out on rolling
  • Debuffed players now look much sicker

  • Fixed camera shaking in initial join screen
  • Fixed spray menu not creating an UI material for new sprays if "ui" folder was missing, this should also fix the spray importing
  • Fixed spray menu attempting to load garbage file names for preview
  • Fixed spray menu animation stopping if exiting preview panel using X
  • Fixed territory names not showing up in capture notices
  • Fixed incorrect parrot kick kill icon
  • Hints now support more than 2 lines
  • Objective notices ", and" is now translatable
  • Added optional hit sound which plays when hitting an enemy

  • Fixed The One Who Knocks achievement counting parrots
  • Fixed missing Golden Ball achievement sound
  • Fixed incorrect names and images for achievements in-game
  • Disabled old holy grail achievements in-game

Misc Fixes
  • Fixed announcer setting not saving

Updated Maps
  • Fixed Nodraw on bridge
  • Fixed walking under town hall arch from the side.
  • Townhall models have more beams, texture update for updated model
  • Replaced brush beams with models
  • Tweaked some displacements
  • Fixed bad displacement enabling jumping out of the prison linked ditch
  • Texture balancing throughout the map
  • Specular maps to path
  • Tweaks to Viking area by Market stalls to work better with new textures
  • New wooden bridge from Vikings to Pirates
  • New wooden texture for Jetty's
  • New Plank models
  • Improved Cubemaps
  • Skybox Castle tops texture updated to match new textures
  • Fixed wood, make the plank a bit more interesting
  • All valve textures replaced!
  • Many textures up-rezzed
  • New seamless path and textures around map
  • New wood textures
  • New Knight Throne room carpet
  • Visual upgrades to many areas
  • Removed V to K tunnel and replaced with ramp and added cover
  • Changed V to P tunnel near HJC to break between rocks with stairs
  • Misc fixes

  • Added lava footstep sounds
  • Players can’t kick boulder anymore




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  • FelisFelis Glitch Kitty PVKII Team
    edited June 2015
    It's out! Time to update the servers admins.
  • felipe3214felipe3214 Senior
    edited 5:18PM
  • edited June 2015

    You could kick the boulder in Temple!?
    "Finally I can shoot with this weapon and not just kill!"

  • MrMohoMrMoho Senior
    edited 5:18PM
    Well, off to visit those Island updates!
  • AGSMAAGSMA The Antichrist has Resurrected PVKII Team, Beta Tester
    edited 5:18PM


    You could kick the boulder in Temple!?

    And I'm pretty sure that bug made Nabball a real thing.
    Anyway, nice to see these new updates coming. Keep up the good work and I'll try my best to go back into testing as soon as possible.


  • shayologoshayologo Senior
    edited 5:18PM
    • You can no longer reload SS pistol while rolling

    Why nerf SS? he is already weak, rolling reload was one of his particularity
  • FinlordFinlord Senior
    edited 5:18PM
    Great job once again.

    Colonel wrote:

    Reverted to old shield bash (stuns again when not fully charged)

    Best thing in this update.
  • RihoRiho Senior
    edited 5:18PM
    Can't wait to see all the weird faces the MAA can make now!
    :parrot: Yo-ho-ho and a golden goblet of viking mead. :parrot:
    It's my steam! What fun!
  • Ukyo KuonjiUkyo Kuonji Captain Main Senior
    edited 5:18PM
    Sucks there's no Bondi or the Lord, guess I'll have to wait for 3.3 or something :icon_pirate2: :emot-awesome:

  • Z(Rus)Z(Rus) Senior
    edited 5:18PM
    bug: Archer has a crossbow from hl2
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