These new kicking and rolling thingys.

I saw the short videos and I just wondered are you adding some kind of fist fighting system like in chivalry. They look cool though. But I'm just wondering how it would work.


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    pls. no.
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    no. pls.
  • Black BellamyBlack Bellamy Senior
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    short videos?
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    kick_optimized.gif legrun_optimized.gif



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    ^ them
  • Echo of the pastEcho of the past Members, Senior
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  • NiveNive PVKII Team
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    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, I did NOT see this coming. I'm super in to it though!
    I bet there are going to be droves of people who'll hate these additions, but I'll wholeheartedly accept them, and likely enjoy them!
    Thanks for not giving up on PVKII guys, I never expected you would, but still, thanks a bunch.
  • SphynxSphynx Senior
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    I think it's odd that major changes in gameplay mechanics are usually welcomed the most by people that do not play a lot. Watching those animations, I am somewhat torn between excitement and fear.
  • NiveNive PVKII Team
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    I hope you're not talking about me. Sure, I haven't played regularly in several months, but having 746 hours does not a "person that doesn't play a lot" make.
  • KOKORONOKAWARIKOKORONOKAWARI Funny Little Japanese Drawing Person Senior
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    These are works in progress even with release. They are not meant to be game breaking on the level of "parrying" but useful as "jumping". The changes will be adjusted as needed with that in mind.

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    I'm ok with the new animations. Kick gives newfound versatility to classes that have previously been unable to reap the joys of knockback on pit-heavy maps while roll adds more mobility and makes it easier to dodge for dinahs in particular, but is still an inferior tool to those who have already mastered jumping. Rolling slows you down, good jumping doesn't and is less predictable. So it's not like it's made the game too easy. Just easier to get into, maybe.

    As for the fists idea, I don't think giving everyone unarmed combat would accomplish anything important. But I do remember an idea floating around the forums many years ago, to give the Berserker fists as a third weapon. I would be totally ok with that. Wouldn't it be nice to cave someone's skull in while raging?
  • Saias9Saias9 Senior
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    reminds me of dark souls tho
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    but is still an inferior tool to those who have already mastered jumping.

    Agreed. And it feels best that way. I was actually a little scared that the game would be ruined if both became important game mechanics.

    Rolling feels out of place and belongs in zelda
    Kicking is fun but isn't really that useful. Maybe if you could kick a chest out of someone's hand, for example, it'd see some use
  • ThatOneBoxThatOneBox Senior
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    The rolling is really a good idea and it can actually be useful for moving through crowds and not taking as much damage. However, in a straight up fight they aren't usefull except for dodgeing specails. To elaborate, if someone swings at you and you roll backwards, by the time you are recovering the enemy has a chance to hit you. The recovery time is very slow so that makes it not very good for straight u pfights. but say, dodging a skirm specail or gestir charge, then yes the roll is extremely useful. (please note im jsut simply stating facts here, i personally thin kthe roll is good where it is and i dont either think it shoudl be nerfed or buffed)

    I also really enjoy the kicking, i think it was a right thing to add. Also, for those of you who dont know you can kick with the chest so thats like super usefull as well.
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