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PVKII Beta 3.1 March 2015 Release Notes

Happy Spring everyone!

PVKII Beta 3.1 is now available for download on Steam! We will fix a few minor things with a follow up hotfix in the coming days, but our March update is here for your enjoyment!

In other news, our Developer, Creator, and Contributor groups continue to evolve to help deliver you more content more frequently than ever before. We have many great things planned and in progress as we work hard towards a complete, well polished game. We welcome you to view our public trello boards to become more involved with development and share your voice with others in the community! Trello is a very handy visual tool we have been using more and more for our game. Note you will need a trello account to vote and that any information on the trello boards is subject to change. Feel free to vote on trello cards, and make suggestions for our mod!

Please see below for a Changelog that details many of the changes in this release. Head over to our Bug/Support Forums to report any issues.

Stay tuned as more news will roll out in the coming days, and check out some kickin' gifs and screenshots below before you play!


PVKII March 2015 Update Changelog

New Features and General Changes

Combat System Additions
- Feet can now be seen in first person view
- Kicking now introduced into combat. Kick deals small amount of damage, and has a 2 second cooldown bar. Kicks can be blocked.
- Rolling now introduced into combat.

Man at Arms
- Added visual effects to character models for all players to see who is receiving damage during MAA special
- First person color correction overlay for debuff effect for enemies
- Crit sounds added for critical hits given and received during Maa Special
- MAA crossbow now has a third person model

- Scoreboard admin tag is now modifiable
- Distance markers added to objectives
- Added new icons for headshots and kick kills
- Attempt at fixing Source SDK 2013 Multiplayer bug for sprays not appearing. Fixed spray saving (new cvar cl_sprayfile, use it instead of cl_logofile!) Added spray menu into Character Info with (animated) spray preview panel (replaces old menu in options)

Omlette au Perroquet - Bash 10 parrots with your shield as Man at Arms
Frenchy Wenchy - Kill 3 players with your crossbow in a single round
The one who knocks - Stun 100 enemies with the buckler
French Submarine - As MaA Kill 50 enemies while swimming
Mighty Foot Engaged - Kill an enemy with a kick
Hidden Achievements

Other Additions/Fixes
- MAA now appears on main menu
- Added spawned entity lifetime to env_entity_maker
- Frozen ragdolls on burning deaths fixed
- Fix flicker with berserker rage special
- Disallow special regen on active special users
- Item pickups can now be disabled
- Fixed manual parry server cvar

- Latest STS translations as of 23 February 2015

Updated Maps

- Added tunnel Vikings side of Knights Castle.
- Changed Viking water entrance to Knights slightly (a bit quicker)
- Slight remodel of Viking side lower staircase area in Castle
- Added Rock to Viking side Knight approach for a little bit of cover up top
- Set Dungeon door to spawn open
- Dungeon tunnel wider
- Lantern added to dungeon tunnel
- Added dungeon sfx loop
- Vikings area added a bit more grass
- Longship sails raised and crates for cover added
- Updated all Viking area thatched roofs
- Removed castle style tunnel towards Vikings from Hubbjubb with rock cave
- Removed all 4x Displacements and replaced with 3s and 2s (Volcano and Island in Skybox remodelled)
- Lowered Edds tours jetty slightly to get out easier
- Rock by Schooner now easy to get on top of
- Secret now won't accept someone holding a chest
- Minor misc fixes

- Added rock in Pirates base for cover
- Widened some paths
- Upped the ambient light in places where the shadows were ugly pure black
- Fixed smoothing issue between Knights and Windmill
- Fixed Barrels using incorrect prop type
- Recompiled chapel roof model to fix path issue
- Changed ssbump to cliff materials
- SSbump improvements
- Minor misc fixes

- Sudden Death time increased slightly

- Skybox texture upgraded

- Major improvements to 3d skybox
- Added and adjusted several models and materials





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  • Black BellamyBlack Bellamy Senior
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    i hate to be "that one guy" but does this fix the ragdoll crashing issue? i have been playing with ragdolls disabled for months (for those who don't know what im talking about) http://forums.pvkii.com/index.php?showtopic=14678
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  • Xxcrazy-monkeyxXXxcrazy-monkeyxX Beta Tester, Senior
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    Let the battle come....

    The battle against the new look of the game and the new controls!
  • VogelenzangVogelenzang Senior
    edited 11:22PM
    Looks fantastic!
  • FelisFelis Glitch Kitty PVKII Team
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    It's now released! Go kick some butt.
  • ColonelColonel Finger Lickin' Good PVKII Team
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    Note that you'll need a Trello account to vote on cards.

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  • MrMohoMrMoho Senior
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    *Looks at Map changes*

    You done did good, Gaz. You done did good.
  • Xxcrazy-monkeyxXXxcrazy-monkeyxX Beta Tester, Senior
    edited March 2015
    I found a bug already.

    I was playing viking and i killed a parrot with my kick.
    It showed that i killed the parrot with my axe.

    The map that i played on was island.
  • HarHar Senior
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  • RootJackRootJack Senior
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    Aye, ye had me at kicking and rolling!
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  • Echo of the pastEcho of the past Members, Senior
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  • ColonelColonel Finger Lickin' Good PVKII Team
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    Cutest post of the year.

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  • FinlordFinlord Senior
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    Fine update. I didnt expect it so soon. Now even the beginners have chance to dodge arrows and such. Keep up good work.
  • Trojan•CliniqueTrojan•Clinique Be precise. A lack of precision is dangerous. Senior
    edited 11:22PM
    Good work folks!
  • Black BellamyBlack Bellamy Senior
    edited March 2015
    Agreed 100 percent with the cutlass and rifle texture upgrades planned. the cutlass looks like a plastic toy and the rifle?.....yeaahh nothing needs to be said about that...i also find that the end of the blunderbuss barrel gets blurry for some reason
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  • MeatySkeletonMeatySkeleton Senior
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    I love the freedom of movement! :D
  • SphynxSphynx Senior
    edited March 2015
    I created a review for the new 'bt_island' in pictures and with descriptions:


    (It could get mean in some places. mEtxJiK.png)
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    I want you all to know that I already have two Flying Otter Kick kills already.
  • Combine™Combine™ PVKII Team, Authorized Creator
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    10/10 in my books, rolling like a bowling ball for the win
  • JollygreenJollygreen Troll Senior
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    Didnt think I would ever agree with you on something Sphynx, but god damn did island get fridgeed hard in this update
  • GazGaz Sir PVKII Team
    edited March 2015
    Island wise, I was responding to crit found here and here
    I agree with you on many points though. Will see what I can do.

    Any more comments regarding it, please post in the thread here

    Man, I'm really hungry for cheese
  • AstragorAstragor Senior
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    That is a bit too much.
  • HaxxHaxx Senior
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    Look's awesome!

    Can't wait to try it out tomorrow :D
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    Hey, I just wondered if 3.1.1 is delayed. It did say in the latest steam announcement it would be out in the first week of May at the latest.
  • ColonelColonel Finger Lickin' Good PVKII Team
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    Jon wrote:

    Hey, I just wondered if 3.1.1 is delayed. It did say in the latest steam announcement it would be out in the first week of May at the latest.

    Apologies. You think I'd learn not to date things eh. We've hit some delays but we'll try to get it out soon.

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  • KOKORONOKAWARIKOKORONOKAWARI Funny Little Japanese Drawing Person Senior
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    Jon wrote:

    Hey, I just wondered if 3.1.1 is delayed. It did say in the latest steam announcement it would be out in the first week of May at the latest.

    Resources come and go based on RL (or finals which was in my case) and new bugs can appear (which have) to fix in addition.

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