The Chicken Nugget

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I woke up and saw a chicken nugget laying down on my tile floors, i said to myself "Why? but meh" so i picked it up and didn't wanna eat it for some reason, i went to the toilet and said "Hello Toilet how are you today" the toilet with a top hat responded "Greetings Combine i am doing great today enjoying the food you gave me last night it was wonderful!" I replied "Oh that's good to hear" so i left my bathroom in a flash, the chicken nugget started to glow and i thought "Odd but sexy" so i dropped it to the floor and watched it glow,glow,glow and it transformed into a Chicken Nugget the size of a human with legs and arms and a pretty good face and said "I be Chicken Nugget" and i instantly thought "Will the food i gave Mr.Toilet turn into that? i wonder" so i responded "Hello champ how is the chicken nugget life you 10/10 in my books legend" Good i am, said the Chicken Nugget, so he ran outside and started to randomly melt because the sun has magical powers and stuff his last words were "I be dead now" so he melted and i thought "What a legend" so i buried him in the backyard and gave him a thumbs up for being a champ and i told Mr.Toilet and he said "Good Rittens good to hear it's gone now it's time to play hungry hungry hippos the board game" i said "NOPE!" and i jumped and did a 360 on my bed and broke my leg, got back up and fell sleep, then woke up in a robotic suit. What was my reaction? "10/10 in my books let's kill stuff"

The End.

PS- might of been drunk when he wrote this story


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    When is the movie coming out?! She sounds like a MAJESTIC chicken nugget
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