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After a while of not playing the game, I felt like some good ole' PVKII fun again. Remembering the friendly community, I lit up a joint and joined the Cannabis Club server for a laid-back gameplay experience.

Boy, if only I knew how wrong I was at the time.

As you might already know, Cannabis Club is the last popular US server that still uses a stat system. This means the more kill points you get, and the better your KDR, the higher your rank on that server's leaderboard. One flaw with the stat system is that it makes players treat the game like a death match rather than paying attention to objectives, since you get little to no points from objectives compared to kill points. It also makes for some "stat-wh*ring", but I'll get to that later.

So, after joining the Cannabis Club server, I immediately witnessed some of the "top" players on the server gang-banging non-"top" players and making fun of them. One fellow was getting quite angry, and rightfully so, that these players were abusing their place on the leaderboard to team up and farm for points. On top of this, they would not dare miss the chance to spray your corpse and call you a "fatty" or "try-hard" over microphone for failing to kill them. If there was a poor sportsmanship leaderboard, I think these guys would be at the top of that too.

Even if two "top" players were on opposite teams, they would still fight together against the remaining players until they were the last ones standing. Not only that, but if you were to do well against these players (which is nearly impossible considering they're teamed up against you), they would disconnect and reconnect to the game before being killed anyway. This trick means they would not lose points from dying to you, and is known as stat-wh*ring, a bannable offense on the Cannabis Club server. Some may even abuse spectator to re-balance the teams in their favor, or to sit out a tough game to avoid dying. They might also team-stack with other top players. Some of the "top" players were quick to threaten that they were friends with the server admin too, meaning if you did this to THEM they would report you and get you banned. But if they did it, nobody would do as little as bat an eye, because they have a reputation and many friends on the server. Quite biased, I must say.

Another trait of "top" players is that they will wh*re pickups. This means the game becomes less skill-based, and more about who camps or gets the pickups first. Another "top" player tactic is to kite, meaning they will constantly run/jump from you and be on the defensive, delaying the round and using your impatience to their advantage. Sometimes they will even intentionally cause a draw. Whatever happened to just having fun, not caring if you live or die, but that everyone's having a good time? Well, I think stat systems and leaderboards remove any chance of that.

So, Cannabis Club admin, whoever you are, I implore you to put down the bong for a moment and remove the stat system from Cannabis Club. It is detrimental to the community, and to the overall gameplay experience, as long as it's running in your server. I know if I were a new player I would have quickly uninstalled if this were my first impression.

Thanks in advance,
- Draulius, the best Skirmisher player in all of PVKII.


  • AfroamericanAfroamerican Senior
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    Another useless "stats" and "ranks" topic. *yawn*
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    I stopped reading after the '' Drailius, the best skirmish player in all of PVKII. ''

    Damnit a little too late.
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    Well, of one of the people you're talking about is called Slim Jim in game, yea I hate him too. And no, hes not a friend of the admin (or owner since mayday doesn't want any admins) dont be fooled by his no.1 rank on the server he just disconnects and reconnects as you say. Also, if he joins the game and there are balanced teams composed of players that could easily kill him, he just stays in spectator mode and talks trash (mostly to me because I'm the only one to say how much I dislike him in his face very often) every time you die. I also hope the rank system is removed because pvk is supposed to be a game to have fun and not take seriously.

    -OPlatypus, the best mammal without opposable thumbs to ever play PVKII.
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    This is a bit ironic because Draulius had used these same tactics as well which was how his ego was formed.

    However, I will agree that the rank system only creates a toxic environment, as has been seen in Cannabis as well as SBP when it used to have the rank system for a while during the lolgheed days. Island servers do create a toxic environment occasionally but not at the same level as a rank server.

    Regardless of all this, there are other servers they can go to. One single rank server to appeal to those players that may legitimately like to see their progress in rank even though the top several are likely people who just stack/rejoin/kite all day etc. I can vouch this because when I was first starting I used it to see my progress in my branch. If Cannabis wishes to keep rank then that is alright but I wouldn't recommend multiple servers to do it.

    http://steamcommunit...m/groups/aclans Join and be pro today!

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  • OrochiOrochi Senior
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    Yes, had far too many consequences of the rank system directly burned on my skin. I can't even remember how many guys were so eager to d/c and reconnect instantly and I think there was even a macro or a command for that if I recall right: 2 or 3 Clan ''buddies'' used to d/c and reconnect and even re-join the team in a matter of milliseconds and it was quite scary, it truly was a horrible time to play PVKII
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    WELL S***.

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    Hey man, I feel ya. I am one of the top players, and I do not rank wh*re. There are some people who are in top that do not deserve to even be there, because their skills lacks. I am always going to the opposite team if I see a top player joining my team. Sometimes, they just immediately going spectating. Scared of the competition. Also, Canabis Club owner/admin does care at all. Server is dying IMO, because it's empty most of the time now a days. I wish everyone stopped rank wh*ring as well, because it's pointless. If you are good, you are known well in the community regardless of what your rank is. :icon_pirate2: :icon_pirate2: :icon_pirate2: :icon_knight: :icon_knight: :icon_knight:
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    internets filled with douche bags *gasp* blah blah if you don't like it don't play there rank is meh but CC is the 1 populated LTS only server hating is wasted energy raging
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    Best pvk player is steve95, he beats all of you wanna-be pros in 3 vs him. PM me if u want to meet him. No rematches.
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  • FelisFelis Glitch Kitty PVKII Team
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    Dr. O wrote:

    Best pvk player is steve95, he beats all of you wanna-be pros in 3 vs him. PM me if u want to meet him. No rematches.

    Yes, I saw him playing recently and oh boy, I'm still having nightmares about that guy. All that killing...
  • DrauliusDraulius Banned
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    Was sad to see yet another group of 3-4 "pros" working together in Cannabis Club today. Pretty much an unplayable server...
  • MaydayMayday Engineering Supreme Senior
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    Hi, sorry for a delayed reply. I own the server.

    I'm not sure if you're serious considering your signature references your rank on my server, but I'll respond anyways.

    The reason I have rank on my server and will most likely continue to operate it that way is due to the server's player base. Perhaps the community surrounding it has been shaped this way, but as far back as I can recall, LTS-type servers have always had some sort of player ranking system. Due to this, I believe that removing the rank system will actually drive more players away than not. This game currently only has a very tiny player base and I feel that this is due to the lack of developer communication and public updates. If anyone believes that servers are an issue, turn off your filters and take a look at the massive amount of empty servers. Some of these have been online for years and haven't even bothered updating their version of the game as there simply isn't a need to.

    Rank whoring is frowned upon and those that are guilty of it are dealt with to the best of my abilities. Banning and blacklisting players (Draulius, the game does indeed have this function) is extremely counter-intuitive to the growth of this game and its community. I believe that servers should be as open and least-constrictive as possible right now. Plenty of regular players on my server enjoy the rank system as it provides an objective in an otherwise objective-less game mode. However, I do receive my fair share of complaints and plan to change how the rank system operates.

    In my opinion, a rank system fails due to initial exploitation and then a stagnant leader board where movement is almost impossible. I'm going to try resetting public/global rank every few months as well as implement a permanent private tracking system for players who simply use rank as a stat sheet.

    I am open to any recommendations and feedback and apologize for any dissatisfaction that is out of my control.
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    Mayday lives!
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